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WhatsApp iOS New Features

WhatsApp users of IOS platform now able to enjoy the features of Queue messaging and higher sized image uploads

Whatsapp, one of the world wide popular and listed in top downloaded messaging mobile application in the mobile based IOS and as well as in android operating system. In recent time, the world’s leading messenger WhatApp introduced some innovating features as their updates for its customers.

WhatsApp users of IOS platform now able to enjoy the features of Queue messaging and higher sized image uploads

Whatsapp updates

There has been wide spread rumors as the mobile applications in the android platform gets updated much earlier than the apple’s IOS platform, owing to that the application users from android platform enjoys the advantage of using the new features.

On proving to that above mentioned fact, the messenger whatsapp updates its application to its android users on last year 2016th June by amending the new value added features of messages queuing facility along with the option of uploading high number of images at a time. However, the update seems to be not available for the IOS platform for the past few months.

Message Queuing Features in Whatsapp

It is one of the important updates held with the messenger app in recently. The users are highly benefited with the recent update. Here are the some important key facts about the message queue

  • The feature ‘Message Queue’ allows users to type and send messages to individuals and also to groups even when they are not connected with the internet connections, however, the queued messages would be sent once the mobile gets its internet connections.
  • Though, the features seems to be very handy for the uses who are in non-coverage areas still it spoils the messaging order when it gets delivered. Meanwhile, whatsapp can’t be blamed for this since the user’s mobile was not connected with the internet.

Sending more images at a time

  • It’s the new features which allow the messenger’s user to share more than one image at a time to particular individuals or to the selective group at a time.
  • This new feature which gets amended with the latest updates of the whatsapp messenger reduces the time taken for sharing multi images to their buddies and also it makes the process much easier.

Whatsapp Version 2.17.1 for IOS users

The latest version which is released by the messenger is its 2.17.1 version; this new version has several new amendments apart from those above listed two features. IOS users get this new version with the updates which the android users enjoying for the past few months.

Though the version 2.17.1 which got released for the IOS platform includes several features which are already seen in the updates on the application for android platform, the apple phone uses may enjoy few newly added features with this updates.

Increased Storage Limits for IOS users

It’s somehow known as the nifty feature which highlights the conversation which holds the high number of storages in the memory so, the users can able to remove the unwanted file and keeps the memory free. This feature comes handy for the users who are connected with their buddies more often and active in the messenger for longer time.

With this newly offered nifty features users no need to visit their storage section to remove the large sized files from the storages. This nifty features simply allows the users to remove the files right from the application.

Editing Option for IOS Users

If you’re using Whatsapp in IOS platform then you are going to enjoy this feature, it allows the users to edit the sent texts to the individuals or groups. This new feature allows the users to correct their mistakes if they not noticed before posting or it makes users to add few more texts in their previous texts. Currently this option in used in the beta version, very soon IOS users may experience this feature in their messaging app.

Enhanced media sharing limits

As far as the media sharing limits, the users can share maximum of 10 files at a time to their buddies or to the groups. However those numbers are now gets increased to 30, so IOS users can able to share maximum of 30 media files at a time.

Better UI for IOS users

When compared with the android platform, the whatsapp application in IOS platform has more and better user interface. Owing to that, IOS users can enjoy the better interaction with the messaging app.


In literal it looks like a race who gets the new features from the whatsapp messenger app update? Whether it will be android or IOS users! However, on witnessing the new features provided by the whatsapp messenger, it seems like the creators are working keen on satisfying their users. Also the new features keep the whatsapp in the first position when listing the top and best messenger’s in mobile applications.

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