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What is Repechage in wrestling

What is Repechage in wrestling

We saw the really popular Indian wrestler Sakshi Malik winning the bronze medal for India even though she got beaten by the Russian Wrestler Valeria Koblova. So, if she lost the match in the quarter finals, how did she manage to make it in the semifinals? The answer is the repechage. What is repechage? This is a rule or rather a format in a series of competitions where the participants are allowed to participate in the next rounds if they have missed by a very small margin.

Repechage in wrestling

  • The format of repechage

Each wrestler, who was defeated in the two final events during knockouts, shall have a chance to participate in the repechage rounds. And a bronze medal is offered to each of the winners of the repechage rounds. The competitors, who have lost in the eventual finals, create a separate repechage pools and they fight it out for the bronze medal. The loser of the first round plays with the loser of the second round. And the winner of this round faces the loser of the next round. In this way there is a winner for each repechage round who is offered the bronze medal.

The repechage rule is basically a system that offers the losers of the early stage a chance to attain the bronze medal. The rule is applicable from pre-quarter finals and the contestants who lose the eventual finals are eligible for the bronze medal. There are different types of repechage, and they are as follows:

  • The full repechage

The theory of full repechage is, any worthy competitor who was paired with another competitor will not get undue penalization. Which is why, they will have an opportunity for fighting for the third place. With larger pools, they have to wait for the longer period of time for the loser of first round which determines whether they are going to compete in repechage.

  • The Quarter final repechage

Before this round, there are single eliminations only. There are two pools formed and the losers form one bracket to enter into the repechage round. The winners of these brackets play with the semifinal losers of the opposite brackets.

  • Double elimination repechage

In the double elimination repechage the loser of a championship bracket has to drop in repechage bracket. The repechage winner has to win two matches for winning the competition.

The tabular overview about different repechage

SL NO Facts to know Brief Details
1. What does the word repechage mean? Repechage is a French word, which means offering a second chance to an indiviual.
2. Why is repechage offered to the wrestlers? This is offered to the wrestlers who crash in the round of 16 by the finalists. And they are offered a second chance to participate in repechage round for the bronze.
3. How are the repechage prize distributed? You will have two bronze medals to attain. And this will be offered to the person who emerged as the best opponents in th repechage finals.
4. Consolation bracket This is when the losers drop from the primary championship bracket and are competing for the third place.

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