Waqt ki raftaar (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Waqt ki raftaar (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Late 90s and early 20s was the golden time for the national channel Doordarshan. There were shows that made the audience hook to their TV screen during the prime time. Thriller, family drama, emotional drama, patriotic series and more shows came into television screen that made the audience love the channel more. Waqt ki rafter was one such show that hit on TV during late 90s and run for a year or so. The plot of the show and the ensemble cast of the show had made it huge popular show of all time.

Waqt ki raftaar (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Asia TV Network produced the show with renowned actors from Hindi film fraternity. Along with experienced actors like Reema Lagoo, Navin Nischal, Shreeam Lagoo and Raza Murad there were other actors as well who have come to small screen for the first time. Among the entire cast most prominent name was Urvashi Dholakia who had made her debut with this show. Urvashi is a popular name and face found in Bollywood today.


Waqt ki raftar was a thriller drama opera. The story was based on different cases that arrived in different episodes. In each episode there was a completely different story that aired with a bunch of actors.

It was basically a thriller show in nature but it had also some realistic social issues that had shown in different episodes. Waqt ki raftar that is the speed of time was all about how things are changing with time. With new generation and their life style how they are adjusting with the old generation and vice versa. There were family issues, young generation problems, old age issues and such were the main concepts of the show. It was a half an episode that aired every evening. Within 20-24 minutes approx the each story used to be unfolded.

Raza Murad was seen in one of the episodes where he had played a lead role of an elderly person. The episode also had other actors from small screen as well as big screen as supporting cast.

Relevance Today

Waqt ki raftar is a show that depicted the changing trend of time. As mentioned that waqt ki raftar that means speed of time was the show that told us how the new generation and old generation get along with other despite having generation gap. It is obvious that we often encounter such issues in our lives in today’s date as well. The show tells us how we need to cope up with time as the time does not stop for anyone.

Even today we face so many issues with old generation and their life styles and so does they. But it is an unsaid rule that despite having issues and different life style or mentality we have to walk with the time. We have to adjust ourselves with the speed of the time. Talking about the relevancy of the show today, we must consider the fact that wherever we are we must value the time that runs faster than our life. The show taught us how to adjust ourselves with the time and how to value the changing time that we witness in our daily life.

Important details of the show
Name of the show Waqt ki Raftaar
Country India
Language Hindi
Subject Thriller / Drama
Banner (production house) Asia TV Networks
Director Gautam Adhikari
Creator Gautam Adhikari
Producer Asia TV Network
Story writer
Dialogues written by
Official Site
Telecast Details
Telecast Date 1999
Aired on Doordarshan
Episode length 22 minutes (approx)
Telecast Episodes
No of seasons 1
Cast Details
Character Name Real Name
Rahul Singh Master Rinku
Unknown Reema Lagoo
Unknown Shreeram Lagoo
Unknown Navin Nischal
Raza Murad

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