Wagle ki Duniya (Old Doordarshan Serial)

Wagle ki Duniya  (Old Doordarshan Serial)

This sitcom genre comedy TV serial became a top ranker during its run from 1988 to 1990. The serial was run on Doordarshan Channel, picturised on “the common man character”, a creation by the noted cartoonist, RK Laxman. Kundan Shah shot to fame with his deft handling of the entire series as director. Anjan Srivastava also turned into a household name with his cameo role as the main character or “the common man.” The other cast who made up the TV serial were

Wagle ki Duniya Cast

Artist Character Name
Anjan Srivastava Srinivas Wagle
Bharati Achrekar Radhika Wagle akka Mrs. Wagle
Dushyant Nagpal Raju Wagle
Shahrukh Khan Appeared in a guest role for one of the episode

Wagle ki Duniya

The creators of Wagle ki Duniya

The idea of converting the RK Laxman cartoon character into a TV serial character was conceived by Pani Nalin. Picturising credit goes to Kundan Shah, who had to his credit by then the likes of Nukkad a TV series that was very popular from 1985 – 1986.

Browsing through thousands of cartoons by RK Laxman, could Pan Nalin formulate the concept of the TV series.   RK Laxman’s depiction of the modern Indian common man ignited his story telling knack. When he had approached RK Laxman with the project idea, the author of the character had agreed for starting up with just six episodes. RK Laxman had also insisted on being present for the screen test of the lead characters of the serial.  The script for the TV serial was also written by RK Laxman personally. The TV serial therefore held a lot of literary weight in its creation.

Other interesting snippets about Wagle ki Duniya

  • The test project had been conceived for just six serials.
  • On noting its initial success, the run was extended to thirteen episodes.
  • And then it turned into a household episode for its continuous run.
  • When the serial was being casted, it had been decided that the lead character would remain silent, just like the cartoon that people saw in the newspaper every day.
  • Shah Rukh Khan, had made an appearance in one of the serial, but then was not yet as famous as after this own starring TV serial Fauji happened.
  • The original script had been written in a flat which belonged to Durga Khote’s son.

The story line of Wagle ki Duniya

Serial Name Wagle Ki Duniya
Director Kundan Shah
Story Creator R. K. Laxman
Producers Ravi Ojha
Telecasted Network DD National
Telecasted Year 1988 to 1990
Number of Seasons 2

Wagle is the main character as mentioned and is the common man portrayed by RK Laxman in his daily cartoon. The common man in India faces a lot of queer and interesting situations in his daily life. This situation happens both at home, and at office and even when he steps out of his house for any other purpose.

RK Laxman in his daily cartoons depicted a silent man who watched the daily tantrums created by people as well as fate. With no option the common man for whom self integrity and prestige are of high value suffers these hurdles of daily living. Just like his cartoons did, the viewers were able to relate easily with the incidents that the TV serial enacted. While there was great humor there was messages always in that laugh. It was only with great minds at work could such a story line be caught on the TV screen in such a clear manner.

Anjan Srivastava and Bharathi Achrekar also had been casted as the perfect couple to depict the common man and his wife’s predicament. Though the role had type casted Anjan Srivastava to a great extent, yet, he had made his name and presence felt in the industry due this serial. The look of bewilder that the common man has on his face when he watches the system make all his plans and hopes go topsy-turvy has been captured in a perfect manner on screen. The pressure of demands all simple and very reasonable from wife and child and their effect on the common man too has been captured.

Relevance today

The TV serial though long shown on TV lingers in the mind of people even today dues its continued relevance today. RK Laxman passed away of Jan 2015, but his creation lives an immortal in the Indian diasporas.  The plight of the common man continues to be the same even today. Striving the daily day with hopes and dreams. Most of them unfinished or not achieved due the hand of fate or the human hand. It is but the attitude of each individual in coping with this occurrence, which makes living a lively affair.

While watching the incidents on the TV screen, an individual would draw lots of laugh which in itself is a stress buster. There is however that lesson to be learnt and reserved at the back of the mind to be applied on own life. Wagley Ki Duniya, has aptly been termed a treasured treat, and is sure to be recalled for viewing on the TV screen at some future date. The relevance of the story depicted in the serial has a relevance that transcends time and generation. It is therefore necessary that after a generation has come to pass; such a treasured item would have an invigorating effect on the fresh viewers as well as old viewers too.

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