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Voot and Hotstar vs Netflix (Online Movie watch)

Voot vs Hotstar vs Netflix (Online Movie watch)

Voot vs Hotstar vs Netflix (Online Movie watch)

With today’s 4G devices and smart television sets being more popular, it is no surprise that people are looking into more streaming media services. You will be surprised at the options you can come across when finding something entertaining to watch. The world of streaming media has especially expanded to include many great services but it can be challenging to choose one that fits your desires.

Voot and Hotstar vs Netflix (Online Movie watch)

When it comes to streaming media in India, there are three good options to take a closer look at. These are Voot, Hotstar and Netflix. All three of these choices come with their own positives that deserve to be reviewed in detail. Even with this in mind, you will have to look at how these are all different from each other.

Regardless of what you choose, you will certainly have more than enough attractive video programs available for streaming right in your home.

Netflix has been around for more than a decade and has expanded to many countries all around the world. India is one of the newest markets that Netflix has moved into as it continues to make an impact on entertainment all around the world.

Hotstar has also been around for a few years although much of what Hotstar does focuses on India. This especially comes as Hotstar has gotten the rights to a vast variety of Indian programming over the years.

Voot is a rather new option that was introduced in early 2016. It was brought about by Viacom18 as a new way for people to enjoy their favorite programs.

The things that people can watch on these systems are especially good to see. You might be surprised at everything that is available for your use.

Understanding These Concepts

The three streaming services that you can utilize are all designed with a variety of great interfaces for you to use. Each of these three options comes with different streaming platforms that allow you to quickly load up video files.

There are many things you can do when getting online to watch videos with one of these options:

  • You can load up video files from your computer. You can always use a plug-in that works on your web browser to get any kind of video up and running.
  • You can also get your videos loaded up on your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. A dedicated app can be used to help you play back these files.
  • A smart television set that can link up to wireless online signals can use these services too. The television set will need to work with its own app to get these files played back though.

These services are designed to where you can get access to all the programs available on it for a certain time based on your subscription. You can even create profiles to help you find programs that are of interest to you.

The playback features on the apps and websites for these services are also organized with traditional designs. That is, these are made with the standard setups for adjusting the volume and brightness among other key features. You can always pause and rewind or fast forward through different programs based on your desires. This should be simple enough for you to handle when you simply want to watch something worthwhile.

Accessibility Points

You can access any of these three services on many devices but you will have to look at a few basics involved with each of these choices. Here’s a basic look at the three options:

CostRs. 500 per monthFree, Rs. 199 per month for premium versionFree
MoviesFocus on Hollywood filmsPredominantly Indian filmsMix of American and Indian films
Television programsVarious American shows and originalsIndian productions with access to HBO showsIndian productions with a few originals
Live EventsNoneVarious cricket matches and other spotrtsNone

What Types of Movies Can You Find?

The movies that you can find on these services are rather varied. Netflix focuses more on big Hollywood films as well as various films from Europe. You can a vast assortment of movies on Netflix with the selection available for you expanding every month with new titles.

Voot and Hotstar are both a little different in their movie offerings. These two services offer films from Southeast Asia for the most part. These include all the hottest Bollywood titles. With Voot and Hotstar, you can search for movies in Hindi, Telugu, and many other languages. Of course, you can always find plenty of English-language movies on these two services although Netflix focuses more on those movies.

The movies on Voot are particularly ones that have been paying on television networks in recent time. This is thanks to how Voot is operated by Viacom18, a company that offers television programming services around India. This is a useful feature for when you’re aiming to watch something fun without worrying about whether or not you can catch it when it airs live on television.

What Platforms Are Supported?

Netflix has been around for a longer period of time and therefore supports a larger variety of platforms. It can especially do well on most smart television sets. Voot and Hotstar do not have as many options although the number of choices for people to find for watching are expected to increase as time goes along and the service becomes more popular.

Windows MobileYesNoNo
Smart TVYesNoNo

With there being hundreds of millions of people in India being online or having smartphones or tablets, the variety of options will expand in the future. Be sure to check with these service providers to see what options will be made available in the future in terms of getting access to programs.

What About Television Shows?

Streaming services have started to offer more television shows in recent time. This is thanks to how people are interested these days in “binge watching” all sorts of shows.

Hotstar focuses on offering lots of Indian television shows as well as plenty of American and British options. Hotstar has especially been popular for offering a variety of HBO programs including Game of Thrones, one of the world’s most talked-about television shows. Hotstar has especially been aiming to stream more television shows as a means of giving people great shows to watch without having to worry about illegally pirating shows.

Netflix does have plenty of television shows as well. However, Netflix tends to focus more on its original television shows. Many of these shows have become big phenomena themselves. People who subscribe to Netflix will get exclusive access to many unique shows like House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black, Stranger Things and the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt to name a few.

Voot has its own extensive selection of television shows to choose from as well. The service focuses on Indian shows for the most part. It also has its own dedicated kids section that has plenty of shows for kids to check out.

Voot does have a few original television programs. This is different from other services in that they don’t have many original programs outside of ones that are made outside of India. Voot’s programs are directly made in India for audiences in the country.

In addition, Voot offers a number of programs from the Viacom family of networks. This is thanks in part to Voot being run by Viacom18, the Indian branch of the popular media group. People can watch shows from MTV and Nickelodeon on Voot as well as other programs available from Viacom.

In fact, many celebrities host a number of the programs and streaming events on Voot. This brings people closer to entertainment as they are presented to them by many big names.

Program Sources

The programs available on these services are all varied in terms of what is available and should be compared to see what is around. Here is a brief look at what you can expect from these services based on where they get their programs:

Television stationsMultiple from the United States and United KingdomMost stations from India as well as HBOViacom stations and other Indian networks
Original programsVarious television showsAccess to original sports broadcastsA few in-house television productions made by Viacom18
Movie studiosPredominantly American and European studiosVarious Bollywood studiosSome Bollywood studios

How Does the Content Grow?

You can always find plenty of great content on any of these particular platforms. You can find a variety of good shows and movies every month. Netflix focuses more on first-run movies and various television programs from the past and present.

Voot and Hotstar both concentrate more on the most recent programs. They offer many television programs that have come out in recent time. They allow people to watch these shows online if they’ve missed them or if they want to catch up. This makes it easier for people to keep up with the shows that they want to watch.

While the programming selection is always expanding with new options available on a regular basis, you will have to look at what’s coming and going. Netflix is particularly important to notice in that while Netflix often gets the rights to many new movies and shows, it also lets the rights to some other shows and movies expire. That is, they are no longer available on the service after a while.

This is primarily due to how many shows or movies might not be very popular, thus prompting Netflix to drop them after a while. You can always go online to check on what new items are coming as well as what is leaving Netflix. In fact, it may be best for you to check online regularly to see what is coming to any streaming service regardless of which one you might be more interested in using.

Entertainment For Kids

Netflix and Voot both use special kids sections that sort out programs based on characters, age groups and other key features. These setups make it easier for kids to find shows and movies that feature things that they love or content that is a little more appropriate for their needs. Hotstar also has a few kids programs although their kids section is not as extensive or easy to navigate around as with what Netflix and Voot both have.

The fact that Voot has Viacom programming is especially important. This allows Voot to offer shows from Nickelodeon for younger kids as well as MTV shows for the teenage audience. This is a popular marketing point that makes Viacom a good option for entertainment use.

Of course, these services all have their own particular parental control features. These features allow parents to create limits as to what programs people can search for. These often work with password protection features. These help with keeping kids away from programs that they are not actually allowed to access for any reason. This allows for peace of mind for parents with plenty of kids who want to use the service.

What About Live Events?

Hotstar has become very popular for offering various live sporting events. People can load up live cricket matches on Hotstar. They can also watch archived cricket matches after a certain period of time.

Voot and Netflix focus more on pre-recorded content. They don’t offer live events like what Hotstar has. This is important for fans of cricket and other live Indian sports to look into.

Netflix does not have access to any live events at this time. However, Netflix has been in talks with various entities to potentially try and get access to some live events in the future. These include events like concerts, comedy performances and even various sporting events. This would entail a focus on boxing, mixed martial arts and other combat sports for the most part. It is unclear as to what Hotstar would do in terms of offering access to such programs.

Look At the Interfaces

When comparing the three choices, you should take a look at how the interfaces for these programs are made. The interfaces are made with great arrangements but Hotstar and Netflix have excelled in the UI category. These two services offer separate sections dedicated to all kinds of specific programs. It is easy to use these to search through shows and movies based on language, genre and other key features.

Voot is a little more complicated in that the UI focuses more on recommendations offered by the service. However, the service does at least divide content up based on the original programs it has to offer and the options that are available for kids.

The language feature is typically the most noteworthy point of each interface. This allows people to sort out the shows and movies that they want to watch based on the languages that they are the most familiar with.

What About Commercials?

One of the most popular things about streaming media is that you might not have to bear with as many commercials as what you’d get on a regular television broadcast. However, all three major streaming options have their own terms based on how commercials are handled.

Netflix is a fully commercial-free service. This is thanks to the monthly subscription fees that one would pay to get access to Netflix programming.

Hotstar and Voot are both free to access. As a result, these two will have commercials on their programs and movies. The frequency of these ads will vary based on where you go and what you may watch.

Hotstar does offer a premium option that you can pay for each month. This option lets you watch programs without commercials. This costs extra each month but it may be a small price to pay for added entertainment.

Any fees used to access these services would be used to help with covering the costs associated with running these services. Netflix clearly has the most valuable option at Rs. 500 per month, what with the service not using commercials and it having a much larger array of big-ticket programs and original content. Premium options may still work elsewhere for providing viewers with more content in many ways that they will enjoy watch in any case.


There are no real wrong answers out there when you’re looking for a great streaming service in India. Voot, Hotstar and Netflix all have their own benefits and features. You should think about your particular viewing desires and interests when considering which one you would want to watch though. This is to give you access to something that is entertaining and fun to see.

Be sure to look around and to get a clear idea of what’s available. You might be surprised at what you can get when you are looking for entertaining programs of all kinds.

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