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Vodafone Red customers will enjoy a free double data boost for lifetime

Vodafone Red customers will enjoy a free double data boost for lifetime

Telecom Operator Vodafone is planning to increase their customer and for that they have recently decided to provide free double data boost to the Vodafone Red customers. Only the Vodafone Red customers using the 4G data quota will be able to avail the facilities of this speed boost and it will be offered to them for their whole life.

Vodafone Red customers will enjoy a free double data boost for lifetime

Main Reason of providing double data boost

After the launch of Reliance Jio in India, almost all of the telecom operators are worried about their company. Reliance Jio has attracted a lot of customers till date and the other telecom operators have started to worry about their future.

Vodafone is also not sitting quiet and they have already launched a lot of promotional offers and data packs for their customers. To improve their condition and to attract more customers, Vodafone has also added free double data boost to the 4G data quota of Vodafone Red.

Vodafone Red will be offering the double data boost to all of its current and new users. The data boost offer will be provided on a monthly basis. The data boost offer is for lifetime which means a Vodafone Red user will be able to enjoy the offer throughout their whole life. Along with the free data boost offer, Vodafone is also offering free subscription to Vodafone Play services. These initiatives are taken to ensure the telecom company is gaining attention and being proactive.

Mainly, Vodafone Red is the bundle of postpaid subscription plans of Vodafone. Vodafone Red offers several great features such as unlimited calling, free data quotas and roaming services. These offers are provided to the individuals and group users of Vodafone Red.

The plans of Vodafone Red starts from Rs 499 and goes up to Rs 1, 999 per month. The lowest priced plan of Rs 499 per month offers 1 GB 4G data to the users. The highest priced plan of Rs 1, 999 per month offers 8 GB 4G data to the users

Token of Gratitude

Vodafone is offering free data boost to the users of Vodafone Red. They have named this initiative as Token of Gratitude. This free data quota will be offered to the users as a token of gratitude for being a user of Vodafone. All the users of Vodafone Red got notifications about their free double data boost provided to them as a token of gratitude.

Free Subscription to Vodafone Play

Along with free data boost, the Vodafone Red users will also be able to enjoy free subscription to the services offered by Vodafone Play. Though free data boost will be offered for lifetime, subscription to Vodafone Play will be offered for a certain period of time only. All the current and new users of Vodafone Red will be eligible for this offer. Vodafone Play services include streaming of sports, latest movies and television contests and a Vodafone Red user will be able to enjoy it without any cost.

Vodafone is offering all these services for free due to the increasing popularity of Reliance Jio. Reliance Jio has attracted a lot of people through their commercial launch and cheap plans. Due to the active presence of Reliance Jio, all the telecom operators are currently busy in revamping their network quality and services.

All the telecom operators are trying to match Reliance Jio in terms of cheapest internet plans. Reliance Jio’s cheapest 4G plan costs a user Rs 149 per month. The cheapest plan of Reliance Jio offers unlimited voice calling service along with 300 MB data, 100 SMS per day and unlimited access to the apps of Jio. Even the most expensive plan of Reliance Jio only costs Rs. 4, 999 per month and it offers 75 GB data which is a lot.

Telecom Operator Reliance is offering data packs at the most convenient price and the speed of the data pack of Jio is also very good. The other telecom operators of India are currently trying to match Reliance Jio. Vodafone has also launched several initiatives so that they are not lagging behind in the race of the telecom operators.

Benefits of Vodafone Reds Double Data Boost

All the existing and new users of Vodafone Red will be able to enjoy the facilities of Vodafone Red’s data boost which is the main benefit of it. The existing data quota of an individual will be doubled to the existing rate.  For instance, if a data user of Vodafone Red avails 3GB data quota per month for Rs 999, they will be able to enjoy an additional 3GB data every month for lifetime. The double data boost will be offered for free which is another major benefit.

Summary of Vodafone Reds Double Data Boost

Feature Name Free Double Data Boost
Launched By Vodafone
Offered to Current and New users of Vodafone Red
Time Period For whole life
Speed 4G
Cost Free of Cost
Special Feature Free subscription to Vodafone Play

SuperNet 4G Data Plan

Vodafone has recently launched another imitative named SuperNet 4G data plan for the current and new customers of Vodafone. This initiative will be available to all the prepaid and postpaid users of Vodafone.

The main feature of SuperNet 4G is that it will be providing 10GB of 4G data at the price of 1GB data. But this new initiative will only be valid till 31st December. All the telecom circles having Vodafone 3G/4G services will be covered under this plan.

PreConditions of SuperNet 4G

Like all the other offers of Vodafone, SuperNet 4G has some preconditions too. SuperNet 4G allows the users of Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi to avail 9GB 4G data. But it doesn’t allow the users of other cities to avail 4G data

The Vodafone users of other areas where 3G service is available will be able to use 9GB of 3G data upon buying a pack of more than 1 GB. An individual will be obliged to use the additional data from12 A.M. to 6 A.M.

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