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Vodafone Flex Recharge Options

Vodafone Flex Recharge Options 

After the biggest announcement by the telecommunication giant Reliance about the Jio sim that offers cheapest calling price now it is time for another biggie Vodafone to offer something flexible for its customers. The company recently announced a flexible plan for the pre-paid users under Vodafone. Under this plan the users can flexibly choose their required plans. As for example if the users enjoy voice calls more than internet then the user can opt for more talk plans and less internet data packs. On the other if the user is enjoying internet more than voice calls then he/she can opt for the internet data plans. There are plans for the users who need both calls and internet data.

Vodafone Flex Recharge Options

Vodafone Flex Options

There are 4 options are available under Flex recharge. These 4 options are as follows:

  • Flex 1750: The option is available at the rate of Rs. 398/-. The validity of the plan is 28 days. Under this plan you will get the highest data usage as well as highest minutes for voice call. Under flex plans Flex 1750 is the highest priced plan. 1750 numbers of flex balances is available under this plan.
  • Flex 1200: Under this plan, 1200 flex balances will be available for the next 28 days. This plan is for the users who enjoy voice calling more than internet packs. Under this option only 200 MB data is available while you can enjoy 500 minutes of voice call.
  • Flex 700: Under this plan you will get 700 flex balances to enjoy throughout the long 28 days. This plan is for the moderate users who enjoy moderate internet and moderate talking plans. The plan will cost Rs. 194/- and will be valid till 28days of the recharge.
  • Flex 325: This one is the lowest plan among all. With 325 flex balances the plan costs Rs. 118/-. The validity of the plan will get over within 28 days. This plan is for the users who neither enjoy much voice calls nor internet data packs.

Flex Plans – Quick View

Plans Flex Balance Facility
Flex 1750 1750 375 Min TT and 1 GB Data
Flex 1200 1200 500 min TT and 200 MB Data
Flex 700 700 250 min TT and  200 MB Data
Flex 325 325 135 min TT  and 55 MB Data

Vodafone Flex Usage

By Flex balance it means whenever the user will make a call or use the internet, rather than deducting the main balance the call charges will be deducted from the flex balance.

  1. 1 Flex: 1 minute call on roaming / 1 SMS / 1 MB data of 2G/3G
  2. 2 Flex: 1 minute local or STD call / 1 minute roaming outgoing

It is said that the flex plans do not require main balance to maintain in your account. But there must be a minimum balance users have to maintain in the account for ISD calls, customer care calls and such.

Vodafone Flex Top-ups

If the flex balance gets over before the validity of the plan then there are few Flex top-up recharges are available as well. There are two easy top-ups available. Rs. 42/- for 105 Flex balances and Rs. 53/- for 138 flex balances.

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