Vakrangee Kendra and their Services (Open bank accounts)

Vakrangee Kendra and their Services (Open bank accounts)

Vakrangee Kendra is a technology driven company, which is focusing on creating country largest network of last mile retail, so that every Indian can take benefit of the financial inclusion. Vakrangee Kendra is almost in every corner of the country so that every person of country takes benefit of vakrangee Kendra. They provide wider access to basic goods and services.

Vakrangee Kendra Services       

Vakrangee Kendra is a retail house which provides banking and financial services in the area where no banking facility is for the people. It connects urban and rural citizens with its modern ecosystem. At present vakrangee Kendra have 75,000 Common & National Business Correspondent Outlets of banks for association of banking services and to remove the financial inclusion gap. Vakrangee Kendra has received a restricted mandate to offer banking services. This service is linked with 31 banks all over the India; which also includes government as well as private bank.

Vakrangee Kendra Started to change the lives of the Indian Citizens with the aid of Latest Technology
Services offered by Vakrangee Kendra ·         Insurance

·         eCommerce Services

·         Banking Business

·         eGovernance Services

·         ATM Services

Scheme Covers which Areas of India Both Urban and Urban Areas

Services offerings include:

  • Basic banking services: vakrangee Kendra provides all the basic service that a bank provides to its customer all over the India
    Deposits: Customer can also deposit at vakrangee Kendra for the purpose of saving. It is very easy to do it at vakrangee Kendra
    Recovery of Loans: Recovery of loan facility is also available at vakrangee Kendra, on these centre it is very easy to recover the loan

Vakrangee Kendra is going to open 37,000 centers to add to Amazon’s reach in rural and semi urban areas. Now vakrangee Kendra plan to associate with the Amazon so that online shopping facility also reach to the rural area too. This association soon results in the launch of more than 37,000 centers across the country which will help to increase the ecommerce business in the country. Now any one can go to vakrangee Kendra and at vakrangee Kendra they can select the product which they want to buy using their system.

Make payment with the help of center and can easily get the item without any hassle. One can do the payment using the Jan Dhan Yojana accounts which is given to citizens to bring them into the formal banking sector, which then will be paid to Amazon. Vakrangee expects to influence its role as a player in the monetary inclusion marketplace to assist sales. The Kendra’s previously serve as ATM, insurance and e governance centers. Also vakrangee Kendra are linked with ‘Jan Dhan Yojana’ in the rural India’s.

Direct-To-Home (DTH) services

Vakrangee Kendra also provides Direct to Home (DTH) services to business Consumer Services.  This service will also be available in the rural area. Vakrangee Kendra is linked with three big companies to provide this facility to the people. Vakrangee Kendra   is linked Tata Sky, Videocon and Dish TV to provide entertainment services Direct to Home (DTH).

Also Google provides vakrangee Kendra on the Google play store so that people now access their services at their mobile also. Vakrangee Kendra  are Permitted to recommend different services which includes Insurance, e Commerce & e Governance and products from these branches

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