Uppanyas (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Uppanyas (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

During 80s the Indian television had witnessed some of the amazing soap dramas that are still remembered by the audience. Along with hugely popular shows at that point of time on Doordarshan like Buniyaad and Hum Log, shows like Uppanyas, Saahil and other shows had also created a milestone in Indian television history.

Uppanyas (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Talking about the show Uppanyas I can say one thing about the show is it was pretty inspirational and motivational show of all time. Uppanyas was from a different genre. Before Uppanyas the audience had seen family drama, social drama, comedy, action and what not, but Uppanyas was way too different from the conventional family drama operas. It was about a writer who re-started his writing all over again because a mere fan inspired him, encouraged him. The finite show was all about the life of the creator of the Uppanyas (novel) of his own life.


The show is based on the life of a writer Mohan Vatsal, character played by Dr. Lagoo. Mohan was an ace writer who had created a number of novels that had given a new direction to the Indian literature at that point of time. His novels were added to the college syllabus as well to inspire many more students and readers. Unfortunately due to family and emotional turmoil, Mohan had left writing completely.

After leaving the writing behind he started adjusting with his new life when he met one of his fan or call her a follower Yashodhara who again started encouraging him to write. In one of the episodes when Mohan was writing his diary, he mentioned Yashodhara was someone who he was searching for a long. She could be his inspiration to start writing again and get back to his old life that he used to love.

His wife was someone who kept complaining about many things, be it a simple vegetable or something else, she never stopped complaining about the knick knacks of the regular life and her husband.

As Yashodhara encourage Mohan, he again started writing. He started his new novel (Uppanyas). The story then started revolving around the real and reel life of the writer. Then the story went on to how he balanced his real life and the life he was creating in his novel. It was an emotional and deep show with various shades of relationships. It made you think about your worth in life. You will start believing in yourself like Mohan did when he met Yashodhara.

Relevance Today

The show Uppanyas is not only the story of Mohan Vatsal but it is a story of all of us. It showed how a man who had already left his writing had again got back his life because of one of his fans. There was the essence of the show. We often surrender things because we feel we can’t do things anymore. All we need is inspiration and motivation. It could be anyone in your life, your parents, a friend, a lover or a stranger who can be your inspiration in life.

The relationship between Mohan and Yashodhara was nicely shown. If a woman is inspiring a man does not mean they have some other kind of relationship. Like I mentioned in one of the episodes Mohan was writing about Yashodhara that she was the one he was searching for. Did this mean he is cheating on his wife? No, he is not. He only needed a guidance, a shoulder to depend on and Yashodhara who was just a fan of his novels turned out to be the person in his life.

Yashodhara made him realise his worth. He started writing again. A writers’ life was shown in the show and how they live a dual life. How they have to balance between the virtual (fictional) life and real life. They literally live up the characters they create. He can do all these with one simple motivation that can be a friend, a wife, a husband or just a mere fan.

Important Details about the show
Name of the showUppanyas
SubjectFamily Drama
Banner (Production House)Rajshri Production
DirectorVinay Dhumale
CreatorVinay Dhumale
ProducerVinay Dhumale
Story WriterVinay Dhumale
Dialogues written byPt. Vasant Deo
Official site addresshttp://www.rajshri.com/
Telecast Details
Telecast Date
Aired onDoordarshan
Telecast Episodes36
Episode Length23 minutes
Telecast Season no.1
Cast Details
Character nameReal name
Mohan VatsalDr. Shriram Lagoo
YoshodhraSuhas Joshi

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