{District Wise|Town Wise} UP Ration Card List 2016-17 – [BPL,APL,Antoday] Online pdf Download

Check the Official Ration Card List if the Uttar Pradesh State | Valid Ration Card Holder Names in UP – Download UP Ration Card Latest List 2016-17 for BPL, Antoday and APL | Find Ration Card Details in UP Online

Uttar Pradesh government never fails to satisfy the inhabitants of the state. In a recent announcement UP state government has declared that from now onwards people of the state will get to know the status of ration card online. Also they will be able to download the state wise and name wise ration card from the portal that UP government has started in recent time.

Check the Official Ration Card List if the Uttar Pradesh State

The Official Website to Apply for Ration Card

The UP government has started a new website in which any applicant can apply for the ration card. Whether the person is falling under the poverty line or above the poverty line, the inhabitant of the state can easily apply for the ration card in this website.

Also after the application the applicant can check the status of the card as well. To know the status or the name of the applicant whether it is listed or not can be checked through the name wise list. There are few steps that can be followed to know whether the name is listed or not. The list updates every day as per the new applications.

The steps to follow to download the district wise and name wise list of ration card holders

  • At first the applicant needs to visit the official website that is . Once you click on this link, you will be redirected to the page where the districts in UP are enlisted alphabetically.
  • Select the concerning district you are living in. For example if you are living in some place in Agra then click on the name ‘Agra’ which is shown in blue colour.
  • Once you click on the Agra, all the districts in Agra will be shown. The page you will be redirected to has a complete chart where you will see then district names and respective numbers of the ration card holders, antauday holders’ numbers in the table.
  • All the numbers are marked in blue. Select your district and click on it. Once you click on your district you will be redirected to the page where you will see another chart with the names of shopkeepers under whom there are many ration cards issued.
  • The numbers of ration card issued under each shopkeeper are marked in blue and will lead to the names of the card holders. Click on the numbers to know whether your name is listed or not under your local shopkeeper.
  • After clicking on the link if you don’t find your name in the list that means your name is yet to be added to the list. You can try again the next day to check whether the name is enlisted or not.

Ration Card Online System At a Glance

WhatOnline Ration Card status check
HowThrough official website
Launched byUP state government
Launched in2016
PurposeTo check the status of ration cards
BeneficiariesAll the inhabitants of UP

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