UDAY Express Train

UDAY Express Train 

In last rail budget the railway minister, Suresh Prabhu has introduced 4 new trains in India. UDAY is one of them. The Utkrisht Double-decker Air-Conditioned Yatri Train is the full form of UDAY Train, this superfast express train that has 40% more passenger capacity than any other express train. It has double-Decker coaches and soon it will be launched in Chennai and Tiruvaranthapuram line. The overnight train will be chair car and has 11 coaches in total. Along with UDAY there are other trains as well that are launched in India for several people. UDAY is said to be the train for the people who are in hurry. The train is aiming to run between busy stations.

UDAY Train – Key Features

  • The UDAY train is a double-decker train with 11 coaches. Each coach will contain 120 seats that will accommodate 40% more passengers than ordinary chair car trains.
  • It is a superfast train that will travel overnight. At the first place the train will cover 16 to 17 hours of time in one journey. It will be an overnight inter-city journey.
  • UDAY will be available twice a week and will cover most of the areas in Kerala. The first run will be between Chennai central and Tiruvanthapuram central. It will take nearly 14 hours to cover the distance.
  • The train will run at the speed of 110 km per hour. It is quite similar to other express trains. The only difference between the other express trains and UDAY is UDAY has double-decker coaches.
  • Unlike Antyodaya unreserved train launched at the same time, UDAY is a reserved train. The reservation process will be same as the other trains. As it is a long distance train so the tickets must be booked at least 4 months prior to the journey.
  • Fares of uday express would be less then normal 3AC trains.

UDAY Launch

UDAY will be launched in the month of July 2017. The train was announced in the month of February during budget presentation for FY 2016-17. UDAY will be covering the southern part of the country. It will be running between the Tiruvanthapuram and Chennai stations at the first place then it will start its journey between Bangalore and other cities as well.

Facilities in UDAY Train

UDAY is a chair car and fully Air conditioned train. The biggest facility UDAY has is the carrying capacity. The train can take 40% more passengers than other express trains.So the availability of tickets will be increased by 40%. Also the train is faster than other mail trains in southern part of the nation. Journey that takes nearly 17 hours UDAY can wrap it up within 14 hours. The train is designed for the people in hurry, as said earlier, so the speed of the train is quite higher than others.

What to Expect

4 of the trains that are announced seem to be convincing for the people of several categories. The railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has started UDAY for them who travel a lot and who are in rush. UDAY is for the busiest routes where it is hard to get the tickets as they are sold faster than others.

It is a chair car that has more comfortable seats and spacious area to relax at night. It will have stainless body and attractive exterior. To know clearly about the service we need to wait till its official launch.

UDAY Express Train

UDAYUtkrisht Double-decker Air-conditioned Yatri Express
Launched inOctober 2016
RoutesSouth India
First runBetween Tiruvanthapuram and Chennai
TypeChair Car
SpeedSuperfast, 110 km per hour
Coaches and seats11 coaches, 120 seats per coach

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