List of Udaipur (Rajasthan) Tourist Places To Visit

List of Udaipur (Rajasthan) Tourist Places To Visit

Udaipur has a certain charm that it casts on tourists and they get captivated by it. It will not be right if the city of Udaipur is described as one of the best places in India for romance. The city offers a perfect blend of history, culture as well as traditions and this beautiful city serves as the perfect destination for honeymooners and is referred to as the cultural face of Rajasthan. The reason behind the pretty face of the city is its superb architecture.

The foundation of the city was laid down by Maharana Udai Singh II. The iconic event was conceived in the year 1559. The main plan was to create a royal get away for the kings and queens of the province for leisure. Thus, care was taken to center the city on many man-made lakes. The amazing craftsmanship of the palaces, the ingeniously planned and designed gardens in the middle of the deserts, the lavish palaces and fountains will take you back to the ancient times of the Rajputs.

List of Udaipur (Rajasthan) Tourist Places To Visit 

If you are tired of the mundane then it is about time that you packed your bags and head out to discover the royal past of the ancient India. And what better way to do it than to take a walk among the sand dunes of Udaipur. There is a lot more here than just royal palaces and gardens. To explore the city in the best way, make sure that you visit all the places listed below.


City Palace: Discovering the rich architecture of the past

This venue can be deemed as the genuine reflection of the beauty of the city as it is one of the best places that lives, breathes and highlights the amazing architecture of the Rajput race. The City Palace is an accumulation of numerous buildings as well as towers. They are often referred to as the “Palace Complex”. The building belongs to the royal family of the city. The fabulous features of the building help in attracting various tourists. Tourists find the architecture to be an exquisite one and the availability of some structures will leave the visitors mesmerized.

Features of the palace complex

The vintage car museum, crystal gallery, Daawat-i-khas, Dawaat-i-aam, Maharani Palace, Lake Pichola and the view of the Udaipur city are one of the most popular attractions of this place. Tourists also have the option of viewing the Mewar light and sound function that is set up every evening. City Palace is one of the best tourist places of the Udaipur city and it is one of the main factors behind the popularity of the place.

The place was constructed by Maharana Udai Singh II and was built along with the construction of the city. His successor has over a period of 400 years modified the place and has ultimately presented a grand tourism venue to people. The Maharans used to live there and conducted every major work from there too. Thus, this marks the place as one of the most important venues in the city. The different palaces present in the city palace were constructed on the eastern side of the Lake Pichola.

They were constructed over a long period of time and other maharanas have subsequently contributed to its architecture. The unique feature of this accumulation is that the architectural style is entirely different. The palace has been entirely built in marble and granite. The interiors of the palace like the towers, balconies, as well as cupolas show a marble-work, mirror-work, wall paintings, murals, inlay-work, silver-work as well as colored glass leftover. The palace provides a wonderful view of the nearby lake as well as the city of Udaipur from the upper terraces. The whole palace belongs to the Mewar family with various trusts handling the place.

Lake Pichola: Reflecting the glory of designs and planning

It can be described as one of the most gorgeous things that is present in the city of Udaipur. It draws lots of tourist attention every year. This long man-made lake is termed by many as one of the most beautiful ones present in the country. People who visit the city of Udaipur must visit this place to experience something beautiful and extraordinary. A boat ride on this lake begins from the Ramehwar Ghat. There are two famous islands in the lake namely the Jagmandir and the Jagniwas. At the Jagniwas island people have the chance to view another popular place in the city, the Lake Palace. On the Jagmandir Island, tourists can have a look at the famous Jag mandir palace.

This famous lake was constructed by the group of gypsies, the Banjara. Later, the ruler at that time, Maharana Udai Singh was very pleased with the lake’s beauty as well as charm surrounded by the backdrop of lush green hills. He then developed the lake and modified it to make it look better. The surroundings as well as the islands within the lake have been re-invented with time. Some places in the lake have been constructed with marble temples, palaces, bathing ghats etc. such as the much reputed Lake Palace, the Mohan mandir, the Jag mandir, the palace city of Udaipur, the Arsi Vilas Island as well as the Sitamata game sanctuary.

According to various studies, the water present in the lake has a high portion of Bicarbonate as well as sodium content. This is due to the continental weathering owing to the anthropogenic pressure, untreated domestic sewage that is dumped into it and effluent from the municipal corporation. There are various threats to the lake as well such as encroachments, poor governance, soil erosion etc.

  • Lake Palace

This incredible structure is constructed on the Lake Pichola and is one of the most famous places in the city of Udaipur. They are located on the Jagniwas Island and is now operated by the Taj Group. They are popularly known by the name of the Taj Lake Palace. The Aravilli Hills is located in the background and the Lake Palace is one of the beautiful as well as romantic places in the city.

This extraordinary place is constructed by Maharaja Jagat Singh II and this place is the perfect example of magnificent architecture that consists of fretwork screens, gift moldings as well as sculpted marbles. At this palace, the romance is magnified. This extraordinary palace was constructed between the period of 1743 and 1746. It was designed under the plan of Maharana Jagat Singh who was the ruler of the city of Udaipur, during that time. Initially it was known by the name of Jagniwas.

This particular palace was built facing the eastern direction thus allowed its inhabitants to make prayers to the famous Hindu God, Surya, at the early hours of the day. The rulers that followed had used this place like a summer resort and hosted their everyday durbars in it lined with fountains, gardens, pillared terraces etc.

  • Jag Mandir

This is a 17th century building that is constructed gloriously near the Lake Pichola and is a fabulous place to visit if someone is on a Udaipur tour. This building is a remarkable set of architecture with the main building being named Jagmandir. They are recognized by the marble-constructed elephants that are place outside. This structure is three-storied and consists of sections such as Gul Mahal, garden courtyard, elegant façade, Darikhana on the northern side, Zenana Mahal on the southern side to the famous Gul Mahal along with the Kunwar Pada Ka Mahal. There is the option of a boat ride on Lake Pichola that enables tourists to visit this majestic place.

This place is famously known by the name of the “Lake Garden Palace”. They were constructed by the Maharanas of the Mewar kingdom’s Sisodia rajputs. The building of the palace began on 1551 by the then ruler Maharana Amar Singh and was continued by Maharana Karan Singh. It was eventually finished by Maharana Jagat Singh and so, it is named as “Jagat Mandir” in his honor. The palace was used by the Royal family like a summer resort as well as a place for hosting parties.

The place had a great impact on Shah Jahan, the famous Mughal emperor. It became an inspiration for him to create one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, the Taj Mahal. Some other structures within the palace are the Bara Patharon ka mahal. So, people who will visit the city of Udaipur, this place will serve to be one of the most famous attractions that they will encounter. Therefore, along with the Jag Mandir and other places, this city will turn out to be one of the best places which a person will visit.

  • Jagdish Temple

This is one of the most famous temples that is present in the city of Udaipur and is a popular tourist attraction. This particular temple was earlier referred to as the temple of Jagannath Raibut at present it is simply known by the name of Jagdish-ji. This is a major architecture in the city of Udaipur. This building attaches a two-storey hall to a two-storey covered ambulatory sanctum. For reaching the primary shrine, people need to climb about 32 steps. There is a brass image of the historical figure “Garuda” along with a structure of Lord Vishnu. This temple is often described as one of the most extravagant instance of Indian architecture that consists of three-layers of hand carved stone.

This Indo-Aryan temple is situated close to the Badi Pol entrance in the city palace. People can find a way without any hassle though the steps that are elephant-flanked. There is a deity of Lord Vishnu in this temple. There is also the presence of numerous tiny shrines leaving aside the central temple and they are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Goddess Shakti and Lord Ganesha. Huge number of devotees crowds this temple just for watching the Aarti that occurs at sunrise and sunset.

  • Lake Fatehsagar

This particular lake is located in the Udaipur city. This is one artificial lake that is named after Udaipur’s Maharana Fateh Singh. It is built north-west of the city of Udaipur and is located to the north of the Lake Pichola. This is one of the many lakes that is situated in the city of Udaipur. There is the existence of tiny islands within the confinements of this Fatehsagar Lake. The biggest one of these is the Nehru Park that houses public parks with fabulous water-jet fountain. This large park can be reached by various motor boards.

The lake’s blue waters as well as the fine backdrop of green mountains have added to the beauty of the place and this has lead it being named ‘the second Kashmir’. It is often said that the charm of the city of Udaipur is unfinished without this famous lake. This lake is connected to the Lake Pichola through a canal. This is one of the most popular attractions in the city. A boat ride in this famous island is one of the must-do things for someone who is looking to have some fun while on a tour to the city. This is also the perfect place for family outing as there is also the presence of a zoo.

  • Saheliyon ki Bari

This construction is also named as the ‘the garden of the maidens’. This structure was built by Maharana Bhopal Singh and is located in the northern part of Udaipur city. This extensive structure was created for maids who accompanied princesses to the city of Udaipur. This served to be one of various places where a maid was allowed to sing, indulge in creative activities and dance. The beautiful garden is filled with kkiosks, well-managed fountains, and delightful lotus pool and marble elephants. So, people who are visiting the city of Udaipur must pay a visit to this beautiful place.

  • Bhartiya Lok Kala Museum 

It is a museum and historical center in Udaipur that displays folk-art. It is located in the Chetak Circle. Bhartiya Lok Kala Museum is an impeccable place for people who love history as it shows an accumulation of Rajasthani culture. Offering a beautiful insight into the way of life of the imperial time in Udaipur, the exhibition hall has a fine gathering of dresses, tribal adornments, turbans, dolls, covers, melodic instruments, sketches, which are the highlights of the gallery.

  • Bagore Ki Haveli

It is a standout amongst the most appealing spots to see in Udaipur. The Bagore ki Haveli is located on the Ganguar Ghat (on Lake Pichola) and offers a mind blowing view of the lake. Known for its building wonder, the Haveli is a monstrous structure that now offers a look inside the regal existence of the Maharajas and the Maharanis. This fantastic structure has 100 rooms and every room has fine embellishment with mirror work. The night dance and music show is additionally very well known among the vacationers here.

  • Ahar Burning Ghat 

Just like the life on earth, the concept of afterlife is also important to the followers of Hinduism. According to all religious books and scriptures, the main idea is to get rid of the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. The main idea is to transcend the cycle and attain “moksha” or release from the earth bound cycle. Thus, Hindus make elaborate arrangements to start their journey on the path of moksha and it starts with cremation.

The venue, where all the royal members of the Rajput families used to be cremated, has been attracting the eyes of all tourists. It was the creation ground and is located around 3Kms from the limits of the main city. Keeping true to the love of craftsmanship that the Rajput rulers had for architecture, it is only common that their crematory grounds would also be a piece of work. The white marble domes, richly decorated with leaves and flowers, seem to be pointing the direction to heavens for the departed souls.

There are around 372 cenotaphs at Ahar but the one that attracts the eyes of all tourists is the cenotaph of Maharana Sangram Singh. This place is characterized by the silence that is haunting yet peaceful. If you are interested in getting a first had look at the history of the place then you need to pay this place a visit.

  • Sajjangarh Palace: Spending the Monsoons in a royal fashion 

It is common for the rich and the famous to have many houses. Like the affluent socialites from New Work take a trip to the Hamptons, the ancient rules of Udaipur had many palaces for spending the different seasons for the year. The Monsoon Palace was the go to place to enjoy the rainy season for the Kings. The palace is 9Kms away from the Old City. As the palace is on the top of a hill, when looked at from a distance, you will get the feel of fairy tale scene.

  • Shilpgram: The village of Craftsmen 

There are no extra points for guessing that the handicrafts form Rajasthan has carved their niche in the international market. What can be better than visiting the very village of the artisans? It will not only enhance your knowledge about the culture and heritage of the area but will give you a close look at the lifestyle of the artists. You will have to travel for only 3Kms to reach the Craftsmen’s Village. Here, the tourists will be able to enjoy traditional dance, music, camel and horseback rides.

  • Moti Magri: Enjoying the magical ambience

If you want to visit the Maharana Pratap Memorial, then Moti Magri is the place that you need to mark on your “places to visit list.” The place is located on the top of a hill and it overlooks the Lake Fatehsagar and the Moti Mahal that is deemed to be one of the most ancient palaces of the area.

When you are here, make sure that you visit the Japanese Rock Garden that is known for the amazing collection of flowering plants. The Pratp Smarak is also one of the highlights of the area. The authority has also arranged for a spectacular “light and sound” display for the tourists.

  • Ambrai Ghat: A photographer’s paradise

As the city of Udaipur is packed with a lot of beautiful sceneries, it is one of the top picks for national and international photographers. If you want to enrich your photographic expeditions then booking a visit to the Ambrai Ghat is a must. The venue is located near the famous Lake Pichola. From this ghat, you will be able to get a fantastic view of the City Palace. Spotting and clicking some breath taking snaps of the sunrise and the sunset is the main thing that has been attracting the tourists and photographers.

The upkeep and maintenance of the ghat is in the good hands of the city municipality and it must be said that they are doing a marvelous job. As the surrounding area is characterized by a calm and romantic atmosphere, the place is often visited by the local people during the summer and winter evenings.

  • Kumbhalgarh Fort:  A proof of 15th century architecture

Constructed in the 15th century, the Kumbhalgarh Fort is truly the mark of majestic proof of Rajput architecture. This fort is located at a distance of two hours and can be easily reached by a car or tourist bus. The fort is also a part of Mewar kingdom. Legend has it that the fort is the birth place of the famous Rajput king Maharana Pratap.

This fort id packed with a lot of traditional artifacts, which were used in the ancient times. This will assist the tourists and locals in attaining a clear knowledge about the lifestyle and the objects, which the ancient Rajputs used. The museum in the fort also has a wide range of weapons and canyons, used in the wars.

  • Ek Lingji Temple: The Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva

There are no extra points in guessing that the core religious foundation of the people of Rajasthan is very strong. The same goes for the natives of Udaipur. The majority of the people are followers of Hinduism and their main deity is Lord Shiva. Though there are many temples dedicated to the god, the one in particular that has been attracting the eyes of the tourists is the Ek Lingji Temple. The temple is 22Kms for the city of Udaipur and it was constructed under the reign of Bappa Rawal in 734 A.D. The shape of the temple is influenced by the pyramidal structure and has two floors. The tower of the roof has been richly carved and this highlights the skills of the then artists.

As soon as you enter the temple, you will step into the main prayer hall that is called the “mandap.” The hall is dotted with mammoth and richly decorated pillars. The statue of Nandi, made out of silver, adds something special to the whole ambience. The main attraction of the temple is the statue of Lord Shiva and its four faces. The statue is carved out of black marble and towers about 50feet above the surrounding ground. The snake around the neck of the statue is made of pure silver. The temple has been attracting devotees since the ancient days and holds a special place in the hearts of locals.

  • Mansapurna Karni Ropeway: Site seeing in unique style

If you are looking for some adventure sports then you must book a seat for the ropeway ride. There is nothing that can be compared to taking the ropeway ride and take a look at the majestic beauty of the majestic landscape lying down. The Mansapurna Karni Ropeway has been becoming popular among the tourists. The ropeway runs form the top of one mountain to another. Both the mountains are located on the separate banks of Pichola Lake.

When you are in the cars, you will be able to get a clear view of the entire lake area and admire the scenic beauty. The local authority of the area has understood that the national as well as the international tourists enjoy the state of the art ropeway ride and so they are taking good care of the adventure ride. Safety is guaranteed and frequent inspections are done to ensure that all the cables and cars are in perfect condition.

  • Dhebar Lake: Biggest man-made lake in the country 

The Dhebar Lake, alos known as the Jaisamand Lake, is located approximately at 48 kms away from the main city. The beauty of the lake is not the most important aspect of the water body. This lake is not a natural water body but was constructed by artificial methods. This artificial lake was constructed in the year of 1685 under the command of Maharana Jai Singh. This artificial lake spreads over an area of 36sq km. Later on, a dam was constructed on the lake and this 1202 feet long, 116 feet high, and 70 feet wide dam, has been attracting tourists from far and wide.

  • Udaipur Solar Observatory

Located on the island in Fateh Sagar Lake, Solar Observatory of Udaipur is deliberated as the best sun oriented watching site in India. It was outlined according to the model of Solar Observatory at Big Bear Lake in Southern California and was built up by Dr. Arvind Bhatnagar. Positively encompassed by water, it offers an awesome climate for sun powered perceptions. To get to the sun observation tower, you must bridge the gap between the bank and the site via a boat ride. The boat ride will add an extra dash of excitement to the experience and you will cherish the memories for a lifetime. Many traditional as well as modern solar observation instruments are also showcased in the observation tower. If you are interested in discovering the secrets, which are associated to the heavenly bodies then taking a visit to the solar observatory is a must.

  • Vintage Classic Cars Museum: Cars then and now 

The royals and Rajput clan are known for their lover for luxury and extravagance. Cars have been an important part of their lives. If you are a car fanatic yourself then taking a visit to the Vintage Classic Cars Museum is a must. The museum has been dedicated to various kinds of vintage cars and automobiles. The Museum is currently under the proprietorship of y Rana Sriji Arvind Singh Mewar.

Vintage and Classic Car Collection was revealed to overall population on 15 February 2000. It was introduced by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, originator of the National Motor Museum in England. It will feature every one of the vehicles having a place with the Maharanas of Mewar at various times. The gathering is housed in the previous Mewar State Motor Garage, which right now fills in as this gallery. Cultivate Hotel and Restaurant, a property of HRH Group of Hotels, Udaipur, is additionally contained inside the carport’s grounds.

The semi-round engine carport with its forecourt is housed inside a more noteworthy yard. It is the houses of the first Shell petrol pump, which is still thought to be in usable condition. In spite of a few vehicles being more than seventy years of age, everyone is still kept in working condition. The museum has a total of 4 Rolls-Royce’s, 1 MG-TC convertible, 2 Cadillacs, 1 Ford-A Convertible, solar drove rikshaws and Vauxhall-12 are some of the honorable mentions.

The city will throw a lot of surprises at you. To enjoy the real hues, vibrancy, flavors and feel of the area, you need to let go of the inhibitions and just let lose. Going with the flow will be the proper way for discovering the hidden gems of Udaipur.

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