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Uber Wedding Service

Uber Wedding Service

Uber is all set to bank on the flourishing wedding season this year. India has a market of wedding worth $40 to 50 billion that flourishes during November to January period. The company has partnered with Wedmegood – which is a wedding planning website, to go live with all their services. The service has gone live since November 13 in Delhi and 11 other cities.

uber wedding service

What does it mean to provide?

If you have ever managed a wedding you will know the thousand things that go with it. Yes, weddings can be a headache. There are so many places you have to rush to, so many things you have to do. Even if you happen to own a car, you’d never know who has gone off to run an errand in your car.

This is why you need car services that will cater to you personally. If you are the bride or the groom, then you are the star of the event. You have thousand things to do, right from getting the outfit finalized to managing a spa in between schedules.

For the little rides and the stress free commute, Uber Weddings has started its new venture, giving stiff competition to Ola – who had earlier started a similar service of its own.

Things you should know about Uber Weddings services

According to this new service, which is already prevalent in countries like USA and UK, Uber Weddings will allow the customer to prepay for the services. If you have any wedding related services that you want to do, like shopping with your family members, visiting the venue or going to the parlor with your bridesmaids, then you can do that with Uber now.

Here are some of the key facts –

  • Before the wedding, you can buy the number of Uber rides within a certain amount. This means you have to choose the amount of which you want to travel and the number of rides you may need to take.
  • However this can, not just be used by you but also by your guests and your family. You can ask Uber to take your friends and family for a ride that you have already paid for.
  • This will help you as a host to make the pickup and drop easier to manage. There will also not be any hassle of waiting for the guests.
  • The denominations will be promo code based which can be booked under the wedding hashtag or the host’s name. This will then be printed and sent to the host within 3 days.
  • Uber is also extending several packages for the weddings. One of them is being called ‘free rides for the wedding preparations’. Indeed the name says it all.
  • Then there is another package called ‘free rides for guests’ – which will help you move the guests to and from the location pretty easily.

Mostly all of this will make it easier for you to track the travel expenses of the wedding.

Tried and tested abroad

This new wedding service is already quite popular in San Francisco, New York, Boston and Washington DC. However in India the service is said to become more pertinent.

How will it affect the Indian economy?

As per the statements of the General Manager of Uber, the rides will all work on cashless payments. As already mentioned, the promo codes will be the main currency of transaction which will of course be generated after the cashless deposit has been made.

This is said to have a negative impact on the wedding market. The Indian wedding season is heavily dependent on hard cash. Therefore, having cashless transaction for such an important aspect as travel is definitely going to hurt the wedding market in the country.

How will it affect the weddings?

The wedding organizers and those families that are getting married are expected to be happy by this announcement. Recently the ban on Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes has put the bride and groom into great trouble. The lack of these denominations put a restriction on purchase of decorative items and other things related to the wedding. In the midst of this scenario, if the conveyance can take place without losing these amounts, then the wedding planners are expected to heave a sigh of relief.


Serial No. Data Information
1 General manager of Uber Delhi-NCR Prabhjeet Singh
2 Uber Wedding service available till February, 2017
3 Uber’s pollution campaign #SwitchToPool
4 Uber will turn UberGo to UberX on Thursdays

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