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Twitter Seva From Indian Government (@darpgseva) for Complaints

Twitter Seva From Indian Government (@darpgseva) for Complaints 

The issues that people have with the Indian government have been varied over the years and entail many programs. The central government is aiming to find ways to hear the issues that people hold so they can be addressed in the future. This is also to gauge the concerns that people hold in general. This is where the new Twitter Seva program is going to come into play.

Twitter Seva From Indian Government (@darpgseva) for Complaints

The Twitter Seva program is technically new although it has been introduced in many spots over the past year. This is designed as an outreach to the public to improve upon the lives of those looking for added assistance with many needs that they hold. This has especially evolved over time as it is available in many fields that are operated by a number of departments of all sorts. This is a clear sign of the strong effort that the Indian government is placing on the people.

Designed For Many Fields

Twitter Seva is designed to help people address their issues with all sorts of organizations iwthin the government. For instance, it works in the Department of Administrative Reforms in just one way. In this department, it is used under the Twitter handle @darpgseva. This will help with responding to concerns relating to administrative reforms and other aspects of the national government. This is to not only help people get to know what is happening within the government but to also make it easier for the government to offer information to people as necessary.

The most recent development in the program came in mid-February 2017 as the Union home ministry launched its own forum. This was designed to respond to foreign policy issues as well as concerns over visas for non-Indian residents. This is designed to help with monitoring the needs that people around the country hold. The only need that a person has is to send a message to the appropriate handle to ask for assistance or to issue a concern that one holds.

How This Works

Twitter Seva is designed with a series of programs and Twitter handle. A software program is particularly in use as a means of making it easier for information to work as necessary:

  • At the start, Twitter Seva works with a series of Twitter handles held by the government. A variety of departments and ministries have handles that work with the Twitter Seva program.
  • Software is used to find information on Twitter with regards to issues that people might have. This comes from keywords relating to topics in the government.
  • The software has been carefully engineered to work with individual Twitter handles. This includes separate data for each handle so specific keywords are not going to be used by far too many handles at a given time.
  • The number of keywords used by the software is limited. This is to ensure that the data in question cannot be easily utilized. Each handle works with its own specific keywords as well.
  • As the government reviews these grievances, proper authorities will be contacted to take a closer look at what can be done to resolve certain issues over time.

People who wish to send their grievances to the government will have to use the appropriate Twitter handles for doing so. For instance, when aiming to send a message to the Uttar Pradesh police department, people will have to send messages to @uppolice. All requests or issues will be handled in real time depending on the volume of requests that are sent out and how much work has to be done.

The Gradual Evolution

The Twitter Seva program has moving along quite well since it was introduced in 2016:

  • The central government introduced this service in April 2016. This was designed primarily for entrepreneurs who are on Twitter who need help with getting the most out of developing their businesses.
  • Not long after the central government started using it, many other parts of the government joined in on it. These include the Ministries of Railways, Telecom and External Affairs.
  • The Twitter Seva program expanded in September 2016 with localized services in different parts of the country. The Uttar Pradesh government became the first state government to utilize its own individualized Twitter Seva program.
  • More governmental departments are using their own Twitter Seva handles. The External Affairs Ministry started using its own handle in December 2016. In February 2017, the Union home ministry started taking part in it.

Details on the precise number of questions and issues that people have sent through the program are unknown. They have not been reported on although the government’s decision to add more participating departments clearly shows a strong commitment to the system.

How Many Handles?

There are about 200 Twitter handles that qualify under the Twitter Seva position. These entail handles run by many members and officials within the government. These handles are especially designed to reduce the amount of stress that may come about on certain pages. This is needed for cases where very specific requests are being sent on Twitter and only one handle can potentially take care of the issue.

A Sense of Centralization

The most important aspect of the Twitter Seva program is that it helps to improve upon the overall centralization involved with getting feedback. Originally, it was difficult to try and attain feedback due to the extensive variety of mail departments and online forms that had to be filled out just to send messages. By using Twitter, people can use the same social media platform to get their grievances out to the government.

This in turn improves upon how well the government can handle the issues people hold. The growth of Twitter Seva is expected to continue in the foreseeable future. The potential for people to use Twitter Seva is especially great as the benefits that come with the system are fully realized and promoted as being ideal for a number of intentions or needs that they may hold.

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