The Great Maratha (Old Doordarshan TV Show)

The Great Maratha (Old Doordarshan TV Show)

The Great Maratha (Old Doordarshan TV Show)

There were many famous drama series aired on the Doordarshan National in India. The Great Maratha was one among them which is fully historical drama TV series based on the Mahadaji Shinde’s life. He was actually one of the warriors in the common public. This character name was getting very famous when this Hindi Television series aired on the Doordarshan National channel. The popular Bollywood actor Shahbaaz Khan lives this character in the Great Maratha serial.

Technical details:

TV Serial NameThe Great Maratha


Production houseNumero Uno Productions
ProducerSanjay Khan
ScriptMohafiz Hyder
Based onStory by the Manohar D. Malgaonkar
DialogsRevati Saran Sharma
DirectionSanjay Khan (With more episode directors)
ScreenplaySanjay Khan
CastShahbaaz Khan, Pankaj Dheer, Mukesh Khanna, Bob Christo, Maya Alagh, Parikshit Sahni, Irfan, Shailedra, Sanjay Sharma, Deepraj Rana, Benjamin Gilani, Arun Mathur, Firoz Ali, Ali Khan, Faquira, Browny Parashar, Mahabir Bhuilar, Devesh Khan, Dinkar, Zuber Sanam, Dev Dutt, Prakash Minatre, Devesh Khan, and so many people.
Country 1India
Release dateFebruary 1, 1994
Original NetworkDD National

 The Great Maratha (Old Doordarshan TV Show)

Storyline of the Great Maratha serial:

The Great Maratha Hindi serial aired on the DD National actually focused the specific period when Ahmed Shah Abdali attacked Indian country. The main target of this attack on India is actually not to rule the country or its segments. He mainly focused collecting the outstanding wealth of the country and transfers it to his nation. At the same time, there are a few dummy rulers as his representatives to rule specific regions of the country and to send him money.

Reasons to focus on this historic event in serial:

The director and producer of this serial mainly wanted to focus on this specific time of attack on the India in this serial because everyone has to know this historic event. The viewers can able to learn many things from this event in order to correct their mistakes and how to learn from the different experiences. The main content of this television serial is the combination of historic facts with the fantasy. Even though the storyline is based on the contents mentioned in the book, this series also includes some of the cinematic screenplays and characterization to make it interesting to view.

Ahmed Shah Abdali came to India:

It was actually the time of 1759 when Ahmed Shah Abdali entered in the border of India and Afghanistan with his completely army force for the 5th time. Rohela commandant Najib Ud Daula invited him this time to the country. In the point of view of Indians, Abdali was the robber but he was like a hero to his home country because he was taking more money, resources, and wealth from India. It happened due to the great mistakes of insiders like Najib Ud Daula. If he hasn’t called this attacker, the wealth and natural resources of India could be preserved. The fact is that the actual dangers to the society are not those attackers but these fellow insiders who help them.

Attacks of Peshwa Balaji Bajirao:

At the same time, anyone in India was not ready to fight with the Abdali. Thus, it was a great dangerous situation of the Republic of India. The reactions of Indians were very silent not only against Abdali but many attackers. But there were some people who love their home country and don’t care for the personal preferences. One of them was Maratha ruler Peshwa Balaji Bajirao. He sent his own army force with over two lakh skilled and experienced soldiers from Pune. This army team was under the leadership control of Peshwa’s cousin SadaShivRao Bhau. The deadly battle started between the army forces of Bhau and Abdali in the Panipat land in the year 1761. In this fight, the hero who is Mahadji Sindhiya was almost died and reborn to complete his all incomplete deads. It not only supported the patriotism, joy, will, and cheerfulness to fight with the attackers in Marathas but also developed the Maratha’s rule also in the North India.

Battle in The Great Maratha Serial:

The director Sanjay Khan of this TV serial depicts this severe battle between the army forces of Bhau and Abdali with the lots of adventures to give a great audiovisual treat to the viewers. Once a Mahadji Sindhiya won the battle and developed a rule of Maratha in North India, his romance started with the most gorgeous Indian princes Jumna. The charm and beauty of this princess was attracted by the Mahadji Sindhiya and they started relationship. She admired him mainly for his strength and noble effort to join the princes of North India to make the central power in Delhi highly strong.

The interesting historic battle and beautiful love story combined in this TV serial thus there are still huge numbers of fans for the Great Maratha series. This television series now can be available in the form of 3 full DVD to purchase. There are so may DVDs of The Great Maratha digitally mastered from the original source of TV serial with the digital surround sound quality.

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