Tenali Rama (Old Doordarshan TV Show)

Tenali Rama (Old Doordarshan TV Show)

Television serial is the best ways learning about our history because no one is ready to read the stories of our history. TV serials are showing the reality of our history with the trendy fashion so most of the people like the TV serials. In 1990’s kids never forgot the Tenali Raman serial because it is famous serial on that day. The technology used in this animation serial was awesome and the serial will make on new technology so it will really attract the children. Every day the serial is more interesting and entertaining because Tenali Raman is the legend of comedy.

Tenali Rama (Old Doordarshan TV Show)

Technical details of the Tenali Raman Serial

Serial name Tenali Raman
Genre Animation
Director T.S. Nagabharana
Producer Padamras TV international
Language Hindi
Year of release 1990
Country of origin India
Print color

 Details about the Tenali Raman Serial

Garlapati Tenali Ramakrishna is popularly known as the Tenali Rama and he is the court poet of Vijayanagara Empire in the 16th century. He is called as the Vikata Kavi because the Hindu religion says that he is the only person make the laugh at Durga so he is called as Vikata Kavi. He is one of the Ashtadiggajas who was patrons of King Krishnadevaraya. He has the knowledge in writing the poet at the Telugu language. His story is made into the Classic serial in the Doordarshan DD and the serial is named as the Tenali Rama. He is having the great personalities and he is noted for his brilliance and for mocking the other poets. Tenali Raman and Akbar Birbal are the very popular stories because both the personalities are known for their intelligence.

To know about the history of Tenali Raman

Tenali Ramalinga born for Garlapathi Ramayya who belongs to the Telugu Brahmin Family at Garalapadu, one of the small villages in the state Andhra Pradesh. Tenali Ramalinga’s father Garlapathi Ramayya was the priest at the great Ramalingesvara Swami Temple, so the history or tenali ramalinga’s childhood revolves around the temples and nearby areas. Tenali Ramalinga was forced to stop this childhood education after his father’s death, that block tenali’s knowledge thirst. As per the information quoted in the tale story of tenali raman, the devotee of lord Vishnu literally named as Vaishanava rejected tenali’s scholars and refused to join him under their discipline.

One day he met a sage who advised him to worship the goddess Kali so he devoted and mollify the Kali with his loyalty. Kali appear at front of him and accepted his sense of funniness so kali blessed him on that day. So he would be acclaimed as the great comic poet in the court of the legend king Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagara. Later he managed to gather the legendary troupe “Bhagavatha Mela” whom visited Vijayanagara and performed prolific manner in front the king Krishnadevaraya.

Features of the Tenali Raman Animated serial

As everyone knows Tenali Raman is the most popular serial in the year 1990 at Dhoordarshan and the Director is T.S Narasimhan. He is the amazing director in the Hindi cine industry and the screenplay of this story handled was amazing. It is the animation serial so most of the children were addict to this serial because the making of this serial was amazing. The good things about this TV serial convey the message in proper manner so it is good for both adults and kids. At the same time it is the proper entertainment TV serial so you can see along with your family members. In this serial will reflect the reality of the Tenali Raman life you can thoroughly enjoy the serial.

Cat and Crew of the Tenali Raman Serial

While watching the animation movie you enjoyed a lot because it will give the more entertainment to you but the technical team gives more knowledge to making the Tenali Raman serial. The reality serial is entirely different from the animated serial. In the animated serial you have to use the more technology and creating one animated picture is difficult. So people have to know about the technology if you want to work in the animated serials.

Producer T. S. Narasimhan
Script Writer Hemaraju
Editor Suresh Urs
Music L. Vydyanathan
Story based on Short stories by Kamala Laxman
Dialog S. P. Dube
Camera Mallikarjuna
Starring Nagini Bharana, Master karthik, Kishori Ballal, Shreepathi Ballal and others

Watch Tenali Raman serial in DVD

In a first episode of the Tenali Raman serial you can see Tenali Raman is the aimless boy and he is not interested in the study. So most of the people starting to hate the Tenali Raman and he is the think eating is also the big work. In a first episode starting like this but after getting the name of Vikata Kavi, he is very popular in Vijayawada. If you want to see the serial then you can see it in online because still most of the episodes of Tenali Raman available in online. You can also buy the DVD to see the Tenali Raman Serial because in DVD you can see the all the episodes of Tenali Raman without interruption. So buy this serial DVD in online and see this serial along with your family members.

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