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Tejas Express Train

Tejas Express Train

Tejas Express Train 

Announced in rail budget 2016, the Tejas Train will soon be launched in India. Tejas that carries the meaning brilliant is literally brilliant in amenities and facilities. The train will offer its passengers modern equipments and high tech amenities to enjoy their overnight ride. This year the Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has announced about 4 new trains that will be launched sometimes in the end of 2016. When the common people find an unreserved train i.e. Antyodaya, the middle class common men will avail Hamsafar to enjoy a plush ride in cheap price. Tejas will be a premier train that will offer not only high tech amenities but also high price as well.

Tejas Express Train

Tejas Train – Key Features

  • Tejas is an express premier train that has one executive class and chair car coaches. The train will be fully AC and of course will offer the traveller world class ride during their journey.
  • Tejas trains will have WiFi, CCTV, integrated Braille display, LED safety instruction boards, electronic travellers’ booking chart, and digital destination board and so on. Total 22 high-tech amenities will be available in this train.
  • Like Hamsafar trains here also you will find bio-toilets, odour control equipment, sensor-type taps, hand driers and much more.
  • Also Tejas may have coffee and tea vending machines in the pantry. Though there is no confirmation about this facility yet from the authority but that can happen in future. Magazines and snacks might be added in the list too.
  • The stainless bodied train will be coloured in Golden that gives you the feel of a golden chariot. The manufacturers have already stated that this train will be called a golden chariot because of its vibrant exterior.

Facilities and amenities

  • As said Tejas will have a number of amenities and facilities. The train is fully Air-conditioned with an executive class and chair car coaches.
  • Each coach will have pockets for holding mobile phones, LED display for safety instruction communication. Also there will be WiFi connection throughout the train.
  • There will be CCTV, fire and smoke detector, electronic display of passenger reservation, Braille display and digital display of destinations as well in the train.
  • It is a premier train so the coaches and seats are more comfortable with mobile/laptop charging points with each seat. There may be personal table as well, though there is no confirmation about it.
  • There will be bio-toilets, water level indicators, sensor-type taps, wash basin, hand drier and odour control equipments available in the toilets. The bio-vacuum toilets will deposit the trash in a vessel. The track will be cleared.
  • Being the premier Train Tejas will soon have tea and coffee machines for the travellers. Also these amenities will come with magazines and snacks as well so that the travellers can enjoy their ride completely. Though there is nothing sure about these amenities as of now.

Tejas Train Launch

The train is announced in the last rail budget 2016. Tejas will be expected to launch in end of this year. The manufacturing has been already started for each of the 4 trains that have also launched at the same time. But officially no date has been announced yet for the first ride of this amazing premier express train. As of now the route of the train has been said to be Delhi – Lucknow line. It will be a day long journey for the travellers.

Fare and Rates

As people know that offering so many high-tech amenities will cost much more than ordinary trains, so the fare of the journey will automatically not be same as other superfast trains. It has been said that the fare of Tejas will be 20 to 30% more than the Shatabdi Express.

TrainTejas Express
RouteDelhi – Lucknow
JourneyDay long
TypeChair Car and an executive class
AmenitiesWifi, electronic display, Braille display, LED

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