Tehkikaat (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Tehkikaat (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

The TV series depicting a detective duo of Sam D’Silva and Gopichand had been a top rated television show in the year 1994. Elements of suspense, which any detective serial is supposed to have, along with action and a good splash of humor made the serial a very popular family show. Each episode showcased a different crime and its detection or deduction. The lead actors playing the cameo roles had such a fine understanding between each other, that their virtual role playing affected the viewer in real time and life.

Tehkikaat (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Technical details of Tehkikaat TV show 

Genre Police procedural
Telecast Country India
Aired On DoorDarshan
Language Hindi
Episodes 13
Seasons 01
Camera-Setup Multi-Camera
Telecast Duration 52 minutes each episode
Release year 1994

Tehkikaat Cast and crew

The TV series was produced by Karan Razdaan who already had fame for acting in and being at the helm of some controversial films and TV shows. Tehkikaat was written by Karan Razdaan as well as produced by him. Karan Razdaan had already etched his name in controversy with films like Hawas and Girlfriend in which he was lead actor. He took on writing TV series in the 80’s and has Rajani , another popular TV serial to his credit. For direction, it was Shekhar Kapur along with Karan Razdaan again who completed this project with such a success.

However the main credit was that of Karan Razdan and Shekhar Kapur had directed just the first episode. The main character that of Sam D’Silva was played by Vijay Anand. His pairing mate in all the episodes was Saurabh Shukla as Gopichand. Team work was one of the most important ingredients that gave this TV serial its mark of perfection and popularity.

The main Tehkikaat cast consisted of :-

Shekhar Kapoor & Karan Razdan Direction
Karan Razdan Producer
Vijay Anand Sam D’Silva
Saurabh Shukla Gopichand

Vijay Anand already had fame to his name with the making of films like Guide and Jhonny Mera Naam. Was better known as Goldie Anand and had worked for the Navketan films being his ancestral link with the film line. His sidekick Gopichand played by Saurabh Shukla, also belonged to the theater world at that time. Saurabh had been playing the characters in some very popular English plays. With time he too went on to story writing and direction. The show was being aired at a time when Doordarshan had other similar detective serials running. Viewers however held this show in a separate platter in popularity.

Tehkikaat Story line

The crime series depicted a new case every new episode. In one of the episode , actor John Perira was the criminal who was murdering sales girls. Much a like a serial killer story line, which had sent many viewers into sleepless nights. In another episode, a girl occupant of a flat was made to believe that her room was haunted as furniture’s used to move about on their own.

It was Sam, who deduced that the criminals lived in the flat down below and were using magnet fixed t the furniture and the other end with them to move the furniture. In another episode, Anita Nangia plays the role of the woman who murders in her sleep. She was merely taking vengeance subconsciously against people who had harmed her in real life. The first episode where college students driving rash kill another person who was carrying medicine for his mother, had viewers waiting for the next episode.

A list of the various Tehkikaat episodes are

Jealousy Turns Blood Episode 1
Green Park Secret Episode 2
Revenge of Past Episode 3
Mysterious Murder of Girls Episode 4
Twin Brother Secret Episode 5
Terror Conspiracy Episode 6
Mysterious Car Accident Episode 7
Mystery behind a missing girl Episode 8
Mystery behind Sleepwalking disorder Episode 9
Mystery behind suicide of an Actress Episode 10

Impact of Tehkikaat

The main reason behind the success of the serial Tehkikaat is the story plat revolves around the mysteries and suspicious situation always and it leads to create fascination among the viewers. As the story narrators of the blockbuster TV show Tehkikaat, humans have brains and they always seeks the better way to find the logic behind each and every mysteries that are not resolved. The story narrators picked that fact and developed the script nicely in such a way that viewers would believe that every scene was happened in real. That’s the same reason behind the modern day thriller movies like Harry potter, Bourne Series and many be receives warm welcome among the thrill lovers.

At the same time, one can’t ignore the roles played by the cast and crew that make the whole play looks as real. In early days, while “Tehkikaat” also known as “The Investigation” aired in India’s national channel DoorDarshan by around 1994, it was portrayed as funny and also the actors including Vijay Anand who played as Sam D’silva where showcased as having the combination of clever conception & Facetious expression. There’s no doubt that it was one of the master piece in thriller serials.

Tehkikaat Now On DVD’s

It’s really good to see that Reliance Home Entertainment came forward to release the DVD version the thriller blockbuster TV Serial Tehkikaat in DVD, on knowing its success and willingness of people to view again. The Entire serial comes as 4 set of DVD’s, for those who missed the opportunity of viewing original telecast, now they have second chance of viewing it in DVD’s.

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