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Tamil Nadu Traders Declare War against Foreign Beverages (Pepsi and Coke)

Tamil Nadu Traders Declare War against Foreign Beverages (Pepsi and Coke)

Coca-cola and Pepsi are the leading multinational beverage companies which have a huge market in India. They have a huge demand in India across all the states. They spend a huge amount in advertising them by roping in sports and cine stars in the country.

Tamil Nadu Traders Declare War against Foreign Beverages (Pepsi ans Coke)

Hazards of drinking coke and Pepsi

The centre for science and Environment (CSE) has already asked the beverage giants to stop marketing them for children under the age of sixteen. According to reports, these sugar drinks cause obesity in children and also contribute to type-2 diabetes, heart diseases and health problems due to soda consumption. CSE also advised both the companies to use warning information in the bottles about the effects of soda consumption. However, till now no such action has been taken by the companies

  • These kinds of soft drinks are filled with the harmful aspartame chemical which will leads to the addictive stage if those are consumed on regular basis.
  • The artificial sugar element which are mixed in these soft drinks will leads to harmful effects the human body, particularly it will severally damages the Kidney and it might leads to kidney failure too.
  • As the awareness about metabolism in human body getting increased these days, drinking such harmful drinks like Pepsi and coke would decrease the level of metabolism among the humans.
  • Just like normal juke foods which are commonly seen in the streets, these abroad drinks too have side effects which leads towards the obesity and diabetes.

Jallikattu ban

The Supreme Court banned the Tamil cultural sport Jallikattu due to the petitions filed by PETA in 2014. As a result of the ban, the Tamil people were not able to conduct the sport. Repeated petitions were made by the Tamil nadu government to lift the ban failed. But in 2017, the youngsters of Tamil nadu protested peacefully to lift the ban which received humongous support from the people of the state.

Pepsi, Coke ban in TN

During the protest, the youngsters also raised the issue of banning foreign beverages. It was welcomed by the people as well as by the traders across the state. Two major associations of traders in the state were already raising concerns to ban foreign beverages as they were hazardous and also affected the business of local beverage companies.

One of the trader’s associations has announced that March 1 will be the deadline for selling foreign beverages across the state. Another association has announced that the ban will come into effect from January 26.  The public also has showed support to this move by the trader’s association as many feel that these companies affect agriculture by looting the water resources of the state.

Time to boom again

In Tamil nadu, Kalimark, a century old company is the leading beverage brand which still survives in the market against the tough competition provided by foreign beverages. After the introduction of foreign beverages in the Indian market, many local companies were closed. This ban on foreign beverages will be an opportunity for companies like Torino, Mappillai vinayagar Soda Company to boom again. However, time only has the answer whether these brands will be able to fill the void created due to the ban.

Natural drinks

Fresh juices are also among the rise as some people prefer it over beverages because of the health values associated with it. Some of the theatres and hotels in the state have replaced the foreign beverages with tender coconut. Tender coconut is of high nutritious value compared to the beverages. These steps are encouraging to the farmers and the demand for tender coconuts is on the rise. If the ban is implemented effectively, the local traders and farmers will surely have an upsurge in their business.

Will it be like maggi issue?

The MNC giant Maggi was banned previously in India stating health hazards. However, the ban was lifted later. As of now, the beverage companies have not issued any statement regarding the ban. We have to wait and watch what they do after the ban.


Unlike the previous occasions, health experts all over the state widely believes that this time the harmful drinks will be banned since it was the move taken by the traders not from the governments.

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