Talgo Trains in India (Fastest Train) Avril

Talgo Trains in India (Fastest Train) Avril

Talgo Trains in India (Fastest Train) Avril

Talgo is a Spanish train manufacturing company that started their journey in the year 1942. They have manufactured fastest trains that are effective, sleek and stylish looking. In 2016, after launching of 11 versions of Talgo trains, the company has launched their fastest Talgo train namely Avril in India. Indian railways have keen to provide this over stylish, super fast luxury trains to the passengers who love to enjoy their journey in trains. The train is not launched officially yet. For India, this is the first experience of fully imported train.

Talgo Trains in India (Fastest Train) Avril

Talgo Trains in India

Talgo has launched its Avril train in India this year. This is the first time India will be experiencing such luxurious and imported train here. Indian railways department is quite positive about this train as this will be the fastest train in India as of now. As said that the train is not officially launched in the nation but it is on the trial run. The trial run completed the three phases till now.

Talgo Trains Key features

  • The Talgo trains are imported. Avril, the Talgo trains, are Spain based company that has launched the fastest train in India this year.
  • The train is lighter, sleek and fastest of all time. The Talgo train will be much faster than the fastest trains in India like Rajdhani that runs at a speed of 85 km per hour. The average speed of the Talgo trains will be 130 to 180 km per hour.
  • Talgo trains have 9 coaches in total. Among them 4 are general coaches, there are 2 executive / luxury coaches, 1 cafeteria coach, 1 power car and 1 tail end coach. The Trains have luxury cafeteria where you can buy and have your snacks anytime during the journey.
  • The tail end coach is for the staff and equipments. So as a whole the passengers will get 6 coaches to enjoy their journey including 4 general and 2 executive. Unlike other trains here in executive class, passengers will get ample leg space and personalised tables with each seat.

Talgo Trains Coverage Area

As of now the Talgo train will be covered areas between New Delhi and Mumbai. In the first two trials the train covered minimal area that finished within an hour, but in the third phase the train covered area between two leading states that took nearly 12 hours.

The aim of the train is to cover the entire roots across the country. Like other trains, Talgo will also be seen in leading railways stations in future. As of now the train is on trial basis only.

Talgo Trains Trial Run

  • In a first phase, on 29th May 2016, the train ran from Bareilly to Moradabad. In the first phase the train covered 90 km distance in total and ran in 115 km per hour speed. It was successfully done, officials said.
  • In the second phase, done on 9th July 2016, the train ran between the two leading stations Palwal in Haryana and Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. The second phase covered 85 km and the train ran in 120 km per hour’s speed.
  • In the third phase the train ran between two important stations that is New Delhi and Mumbai. It takes more than 12 hours to cover the distance but with Talgo it took less than 12 hours, nearly 4 hours less than usual time. The train was little delayed due to water logged tracks in mid-way. But as per the officials the train did superb job in the third phase. In the third phase, held on 1st August 2016, the speed was between 120 km to 150 km per hour.
  • Next trials will be held in 9th August and 14th August respectively, according to the sources. The officials are hopeful about the next trails as well because till now the train has outdone the fastest trains in India.

Talgo Trains Interesting Facts

  • Aluminium Talgo train coaches are shipped from Barcelona and arrived at Mumbai port on 21st April 2016 and the first trail took place after a month on 29th May 2016.
  • The train compartments will be steered by the Indian railway engines. Though the technology and materials are all imported from Spain, the engine will be Indian only.
  • Talgo trains are so sleek and light weighted that the speed of the train will not be decreased when covering the curves or turns in any area.
  • The train covered New Delhi to Mumbai distance in less than 12 hours; usually it takes 17 hours to cover the distance.
  • The train is on the trial and will be on the continuous trail for another 40 days to check whether the train can cover the desirable distance within time or not.
  • Talgo trains can take up to 240 km per hour speed. As of now on an average 180 km per hour speed is applying.
Talgo trainsFastest, lightest
Launched on29th may 2016
AreaNew-Delhi to Mumbai
Coaches9 in total
NatureChair Car
StatusOn Trial

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