Surabhi (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Surabhi (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Surabhi is a famous Indian show that hit the screens of India long ago. The show was very interesting and earned a lot of appreciations from the common people of India. The show was based on the people of India and the lives they lead and the culture of India. The realistic nature of the show was the main feature of the show and the theme of the show helped to attract a lot of people. At that time, most of the serials in India were normal family drama. But Surabhi was a different type of show and thus it easily earned a lot of fame.

Surabhi (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Surabhi was mainly a popular cultural magazine TV show and the theme of it was based on the lives of the people of India and the cultural views of India. The show is still very famous though it was aired years back. The show is famous because it holds the record of being the longest running cultural TV series of India. The show was hosted by Siddharth Kak and Renuka Shahane.


Surabhi was a cultural magazine show and it mainly portrayed the Indian culture. The culture of India is actually a different type of culture. The Indian culture was presented to the audiences of the show in a different manner and the theme of the show was very attractive. The show is highly rated in India and it actually transpired all the common cultural things of India.

The show mainly focused on the culture of the 90s. The main aim of the show was to teach the Indian people about the ethos and values of their cultural past.

The show was famous among all the age groups due to its variety. The show had a weekly quiz competition for its audiences. The show received a lot of answers to their asked questions on the quiz day via post card. This new method of connecting the audiences to the show was very inventive. The plot was successful as the show was able to make an impact in India and teach the Indian people about their rich culture. The show was also dubbed in several other languages and it gained a lot of fame in all the states in India due to the different nature of the plot of the show.

Relevance Today

Surabhi is one of the best shows of India till date. It is the best show of the 90s. The show aired for almost 8 years and always attracted a lot of people through it. Once the show was able to create history by achieving the feat of having the maximum number of audience. The show attracted a lot of audience due to the logical and useful theme of the show.

The show mainly portrayed the rich Indian culture. The young generation of India were able to know the old and rich Indian culture through the show. Also the aged people of India were able to see the varieties of their favorite culture. The show was a benchmark show and till date no show in India has been able to match the quality that was produced by Surabhi. The show had nine seasons in total and it was awesome in each of the seasons.

More shows like Surabhi will be able to make an impact for the people of India. The current generation doesn’t quite know about the Indian culture properly and shows like these will help them understand the cultural values of India and show like Surabhi will be able to make an actual impact on the people of India. So, the show was very relevant to that generation and shows like Surabhi will also be very useful in the coming times.

Important Details of Surabhi in tabular Format

2Name of the showSurabhi
5SubjectCultural Magazine Television Show
6Banner (Production House)Cinema Vision India
7DirectorAbhilash Bhattacharya
8CreatorSiddharth Kak
9ProducerSiddharth Kak
10Story writerSiddharth Kak
11Dialogue written by
12Official Site Address
13Telecast Details
14Telecast Date1993
15Aired OnDoordarshan and Star Plus
16Telecasted Episodes415
17Episode Length30 minutes
18Telecast Season No.9
19Cast Details
20Character NameReal Name
21Siddharth KakSiddharth Kak
22Renuka ShahaneRenuka Shahane

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