Suraag (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Suraag (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Suraag is an Indian TV series which aired in the late 90s. Suraag is a different type of TV series and it was very successful to the interesting theme of the show. Indian TV serials were very popular in the late 90s because they offered a lot of various concepts and realistic concepts. Suraag is amongst the top Indian TV serials in the 90s. It is mainly a crime-detective drama which portrayed crime solving. In each and every episode there was a new case and the case was solved by two CID officers. The main cast of the show was also very active and thought out of the box to solve cases and his intelligence in solving crime cases was the main theme of the show. Though the show portrayed a new case every episode, it was still able to attract and hold audiences. The show was aired once in a week and was very popular to all groups of people.

Suraag (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)


Suraag means clue and in the series the main lead of the show named Bharat always looked for clues by thinking out of the box. The show mainly focused on crime solving. Complicated cases were referred to CID and the lead of the show Bharat was a famous CID inspector. The plot on the show is mainly based on the way Bharat solves the crimes with the help of his assistant named Nitin. Bharat and Nitin formed a formidable partnership in the show and solved crimes together.

Bharat and Nitin mainly solved complicated cases and most of the cases were murder mysteries. In each episode of the show, the duo Bharat and Nitin solved a single murder case and it was the main plus point of the show as it only showed a single case in an episode. The story of one case rarely continued to the next episode.

Every week a new murder case arrived to the CID and Bharat and Nitin looked for clues. Bharat used his imagination to look for clues and the clues helped them to learn more about the case. After that Bharat investigated the clues and used his wisdom to investigate the probable offenders and then he studied the case thoroughly and solved the case.

The CID officer Bharat thought out of the box and used his 6th sense in getting all the clues and made the complicated cases very easy. He used his wisdom to delegate smart people and took people into confidence and these were the main abilities of the CID officer. He also often studied the case very thoroughly after finding out several clues and the plot mainly based on his intelligence in solving cases.

Relevance Today

Suraag is one of the most popular and interesting shows of the late 90s. The show mainly focused on the way of solving a crime. The show is very significant because it showed that the complicated cases can be solved also which also made a statement that nobody can run away after making a crime.

The show proved that the truth can’t be hidden and the truth always wins at last and thus the show is very significant in any generation. Also, the out of box thinking of the CID inspector also inspired a lot of people through the show. It also proved the necessity of using 6th sense in order to solve crimes.

The show also portrayed some incidents of a crime which made the common people to be aware of their surroundings and the show was able to increase mass consciousness among the people of India.

The show was very unique in the 90s and showed a single crime case each week but was able to hold the audience because it offered a lot of interesting cases to the audiences. More shows like these are important these days because they offer different things to the audiences.

Important Details of Suraag
Name of the showSuraag
SubjectMystery, Drama, Thriller
Banner (Production House)Shri Adhikari Brothers Limited
DirectorGautam Adhikari
ProducerShri Adhikari Brothers Limited
Story writer
Dialogue written by
Official Site Address
Telecast Details
Telecast Date1999
Aired OnDD National
Telecasted Episodes
Episode LengthApprox. 40 minutes
Telecast Season No.1
Cast Details
Character NameReal Name
BharatSudesh Berry

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