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Sleepwell Mattress maker Sheela Foam IPO Review and Recommendation

Sleepwell Mattress maker Sheela Foam IPO Review and Recommendation

Sheela Foam the name might be not that much popular among many Indian citizens, however, their products like Sleepwell Mattress is a huge popularized product. Recently, the Sheela Foam plans to step into IPO. Sheela Foam Ltd company product is famous with the name sleep well mattress which is very well known among the people. To promote their product company decided to sell a part of its holding all the way through the initial public offering (IPO)

Sleepwell Mattress maker Sheela Foam IPO Review and Recommendation

Sheela Foam Ltd established on 1971
Products sell by Sheela Foam Ltd Sleepwell, Feather Foam, and Lamiflex
Number countries to which Sheela Foam Ltd exports their products Around 32 countries
Sheela Form plans to open IPO From December of 2016
IPO Initial Public Offering
Estimated share price About Rs. 680 to Rs. 730

Sleepwell Mattress

Sleepwell is name of comfort and well common name in the middle of the people. Almost every people know about this brand as it is very old and famous brand and every common man use the product of the Sleepwell. Company is also well known for the mattresses, furniture cushioning, pillows, reinforce and cushions that are planned to offer varying physiological and the solutions. Moreover they are famous provider of sofa cum beds and comfort accessories like bed sheets, baby care sheets and mattress guard. Company clientele include various industries such as automotive, upholstery, home comfort, innerwear, shoes etc.

Sheela Foam Ltd now plans to launch its IPO in the month of November, 2016 just at a rate of Rs.680 to Rs.730 per share. It basic aim for this launch is to promote Polyflex Marketing Pvt. Ltd, shelling out shares worth Rs.510 crore at upper band and give popularity to its brand product ‘SS’ that every people of country will get aware about the Sheela Foam Ltd.

About the company:

  • The company is well familiar and recognized brand built over reliable quality and innovation whose aim is to provide people quality products at very reasonable rates.
  • Company has an extensive and well developed pan India sales and distribution network which basically in the market to keep in mind about the comfort of the people.
  • Band is of quality manufacturing capabilities and always tries to use technological innovation so that more and more comfort can be provides to its customer.
  • Company has well qualified and professional management which always try to put integrated operations and economies of scale.

Because of its good reputation it gives more value to its products, the company launches this sale so that more and more people can buy the products of their company. Also on sale basic aim to provide company product to those people who are not capable to buy their costly product. As company product is very popular in the middle of people but it is not approachable to all the middle class families but after this initial public offering middle man can also buy these costly product as these products are now half in the rate.

This initial public offering will start from 29 November 2106. Will be sale in this offering No doubt this sale will benefit both the customer and the company. Lot of things will trade during this sale season and company revenue will increase

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