Shagun Scheme in Punjab

Implementation of Shagun Scheme in Punjab

In the country like India, where women are treated as goddess at the same time, they are gender based partiality to exist. It’s not one of the problem which are new born in recent times, they in practice from ancient times. Both central and state governments of India had taken and keep on introducing several schemes and initiatives in order to remove the gender based partiality from the India society. Thought things are getting some improvement in some urban areas still there are many rural areas where partiality based on gender is exists. However, when compared with past (few decades ago) there has been tremendous improvement seen in Indian society thanks to severe initiatives and plans taken by the Indian governments.

Shagun Scheme in Punjab

Shagun Scheme in Punjab – A Brief

Punjab one of the north states, which shares its border with neighbor country Pakistan, where people can witness high number of partialities especially when it comes to educating  women. Many villages in Punjab believe women are meant to be take care of the family from inside and at the same time men are meant to protect the family and to take care the necessary things for the family. In fact, the same myth follows in many states of India.

When compared with many states, the literacy level of women from the Punjab state is too low, on accounting this issues the Punjab state government introduced several schemes among those Shagun Scheme which was introduced in 1997 have positive impact in the society. And it boosts the birth ratio of girl child in the state.

S.No Things Need to know about the Shagun Scheme in Punjab Detailed Information
1 Scheme Name Shagun Scheme
2 Scheme Introduced by whom? The State Government of Punjab
3 Who are the beneficiaries under this scheme? Women from weaker section, SC/ST and other backward classes
4 When did the scheme launched 1st of April in 1997

Often in the state of Punjab, people would not allow their girl children to carry on their school education after certain age period. When dig into the matter it involves more factors like, travelling problem, finance, and also women problem which are not likely to be shared to the society by the family. Owing o that reason, the literacy rate of women from the state of Punjab was too low when compared with several other Indian states. To be frank the girl child birth ratio too low when compared with boy birth ratio of the state.

In order to sort out the difference, the state government of Punjab established Shagun Scheme which mainly focuses on the girl child birth ratio including their health and educational standards. Though, the scheme is came to exists in 1997 which is around two decade past, still the scheme is in active since the result offered by the scheme is very positive.

Features and Benefit of Shagun Scheme

  • The state government of Punjab introduces this scheme with the intention of improving girl child birth ratio and to provide positive changes in the Punjab society.
  • The scheme boost girl child education by stopping the child marriage activities and creating the awareness about marrying girls who are above the prescribed age limit which was set by the government of India.
  • The Shagun Scheme also focus the girl child health, under this scheme proper health care service is offered to every girl child of the state.
  • In addition, the Shagun Scheme which was launched by the Punjab state governments creates the importance and the need of gender balance in the society and also encourages the family planning activities among the Punjab citizens.
  • Under this Shagun Scheme of Punjab, each and every girl child born from the Punjab based family which comes under the category of BPL (Below Poverty Line) will be offered with financial aid from the state government.
  • The financial aid offered by the state government Punjab will be delivered by the direct credit policy. By which the beneficiary families would get the 100% financial benefits credited to their respective bank accounts.

Who are all can apply for this Shagun Scheme

As the scheme is mainly intended to improve the girl child education, to provide proper health care for the girl child and to create positivity about girl child in the Punjab society, only girls and women can apply to avail the benefits offered under the Shagun Scheme by the Punjab government.

However, there are certain eligible factors which are required among the applicants, in order to be considered as the qualified person to avail those benefits offered under the Shagun Scheme, those factors are listed below.

  • The women or girl children who are applied to avail the benefits offered by the Punjab government’s Shagun Scheme must be from BPL family or from the minority castes of the state.
  • In case of the applicant’s family is from the minority caste or from the SC/ST caste, than the total families income must be below 20K if they stays in rural areas and the limit is 27k for families who stays in urban areas.
  • And the two child norm must be adopted by the applied girl child’s parents which are introduced by the “Punjab & Haryana high court Bar Association”.

How to apply for Shagun Scheme?

The eligible girl child from the above mentioned category can apply for Shagun scheme for availing the benefits. In order to ease the applying process the state government of Punjab has launched the online portal by which each and every citizen can able to get full information and details about the Shagun Scheme introduced by the state government of Punjab.

By visiting the URL the eligible applicants can apply for the Shagun scheme.

Documents needed to apply for Shagun Scheme

Below listed table illustrate the documents of applicant needed to apply

List of Documents needed for applying in online Importance

(Mandatory or Optional)

Soft copy of the address proof Optional
Soft copy of the child norm form which is verified by gazette officer of village Sarpanch Mandatory
Photograph of the applicant Optional
Soft Copy of the self declaration form of the applicant Mandatory

According to the stats released by the government officials it is estimated that more than 40 thousand beneficiaries are avail financial aid by the state government. And around 60 crore money has been spend by the state government of Punjab for the eligible applicants under this scheme.

The existence of this Shagun Scheme in Punjab state clearly elaborates the success of this scheme on improving the women status in the state which leads to women empowerment.

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