SBI (State Bank of India) e-Wallet Buddy

SBI (State Bank of India) e-Wallet Buddy

SBI (State Bank of India) e-Wallet Buddy

State Bank Buddy is an app that you can download on your mobile phone. It works just like a mobile wallet with the difference being that this mobile wallet is for those who have account with State Bank of India. However, you can use this wallet to transfer money to other banks as well. It is a semi closed wallet that works on prepaid balance. You will have to have balance in it in order to transfer money to other accounts.

SBI (State Bank of India) e-Wallet Buddy

What features are there in this app?

  • Transfer money: Transfer money easily through your phone with this app. Simply choose a contact number or select a Facebook contact from your phone and transfer money safely anytime and anywhere.
  • Ask for payments: Ask for your payments by scheduling your payment dates. Through this app you can request money from any of your contacts. It will ensure that your contact tracks your payment. Just select “Ask money” option on any contact’s name.
  • Pay your bills: Over due on bills? Avoid long queues just use this app. Through this app you can pay your electricity or gas bills with a single click. Just select the billing details and pay the bill hassle freely.
  • Book movie tickets: You can book movie tickets through this app by visiting “Shop and Earn” section on this app. Simple select the movie, the cinema hall and the number of seats to be booked and you are good to go. Pay using your mobile wallet and you will get access to your favorite movie tickets instantly.
  • Recharge mobile and DTH: running short on balance? DTH balance expired? Simply use this app to recharge both of them. The “Recharge and pay bill” section allows you to recharge instantly wherever you are.
  • Book flight and hotel: You will find the booking option under the “shop and earn” section as well. Just choose the flight or hotel of your choosing and book it with a single click through this app.
  • Increase your transaction limit: How much can you transfer daily via NEFT? This app allows you to update your KYC and increase your daily transaction limit to Rs. 50,000. It also allows you to transfer up to Rs. 1 lakh per month.
  • One touch beneficiary: up to 20 people can be added as emergency contacts on your list. These people can be made your beneficiary instantly and you can send and receive money from there with just a touch on your smartphone.

How to get started?

To get started you will first have to download the app on your mobile phone. You will find the app on both Android Play Store as well as Apple store. After downloading the app you will have to sign up (which you can do via Facebook also). Then you will have to complete your registration by putting a PIN number (which you can remember later) and generating a One Time Password (OTP).

After registering you have to sign in. Now onwards whenever you open the app, you will have to enter your PIN number to sign in. the next step is to add money to the wallet. This you can do by using your debit or credit card credentials – no need to fret because the app is safe to use. You can also use your net banking or IMPS credentials to transfer some amount to this app from your account.

After this you will have to select language you prefer using this app with. There are 13 regional languages – including Hindi and English to be used here. So you can set it up with the language that suits you best.

More features

Also, if you do not have the balance in your account to use on this app, you can ask money from your friends and family to be used. Simply ask your friends and family to send you money on this app via the “ask money” option and once the wallet is filled, you can keep using its features.

If it is hard to keep track of your expenses, you can view your last 25 buddy wallet transactions too. This app holds the records of your last 25 transactions – just like mini statement.

Just like other people can send you payments, you can track others’ requests too. If someone has requested you to pay some amount, then you can track the payment to that account via this app. If you have any pending payments to be made to a person or an organization, you can track it via this app.

Security and services

If you are facing any issue with operating this account then you can contact the customer service via the “feedback” section of the app. Your issue will be noted and addressed as soon as possible by the concerned authorities.

In case you lose your mobile phone, it is absolutely possible to lock out of your buddy app. You can either call the customer care service to block it or you can block your wallet through your app itself. The customer care services are open 24/7 to address the issues.

You can also close your buddy account anytime you want to. All you have to do is just click on close and delete account. However, make sure that you have no amount left in your wallet before deleting the app.

Offers and discounts

State Bank Buddy wallet will give you a lot of discounts on using this app to purchase stuff. Currently the following discounts are being given –

  • Eros Now: You will get a flat 50% off on all your Eros now subscriptions done via State bank buddy. This is a good offer for movie buffs.
  • FernsnPetals: If you want to gift anything to your loved ones via FernsnPetals then if you do that though this app you will get Rs. 250 off.
  • RuPay cash back: Do you have a RuPay debit card? Then you can get Rs. 25 off for every Rs. 200 in cash you add to your wallet via this app.
  • Hicare: If you want to avail pest control services and could use some discounts, then Hicare is giving Rs. 1000 off on this app.
  • Travel discounts: eTravelSmart is giving you a flat 10% discount on all bus bookings via this app. MyBusTicket is offering flat Rs. 100 off on all bookings.


Serial No.About Data
1Connection to access app2G / 3G/ 4G/ Wi-Fi
2Age eligibility10 years and above
3Missed call to get app at09021122222
4Mail SBI if forgot PIN

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