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SBI SO Admit Card 2017 Available For Download Online

SBI SO Admit Card 2017 Available For Download Online

The State Bank of India has released the 2017 edition of its SO Admit Card. It can be downloaded online through its website at This will provide people with access to the proper exam needed for getting into the specialist officer position.

SBI SO Admit Card 2017 Available For Download Online

This card is an application for those looking to be specialist officers. Many people around the country have applied for the specialist officer position with SBI, the largest bank in the country.

The examination for the SBI SO position will be held on 22nd January 2017. Those who have applied to get into the exam should be able to download their cards. This is so they can get into the program and get the most out of the jobs that they can get into.

People have been waiting to get their cards for the proper exam schedule. The State Bank of India has a number of branches around the country and will help people who are interested in the position with getting the applications that they want.

The card is required to attend the exam. This is to see that there are no problems involved with the exam.

The exam process should not be too complicated or hard to follow. This is needed for all students as a means of getting the most out of the exam process and in ensuring that they can get the coverage they need.

Where Will the Card Go To?

The cards for entrance into the exams will be released to the people who have qualified for them through the bank’s primary website. People should not be expected to get their tickets through any postal service.

After a person receives a card, that person will have to confirm one’s name, photo, seat number and many other pieces of data. This is to see that the proper people will actually be seated for the exam.

How Many Jobs?

While there have been several lakh of people who have applied for the SO positions at SBI, there is a significant lack of open positions available.

A little more than 400 jobs have been posted. The competition for these positions will be very strong. As a result, the exam has been posted to make sure people can apply for positions in a fair manner. This also helps to see who might be capable of handling certain jobs above other people.

Downloading the Card

There are a few simple steps that may be used when downloading the card:

  1. After reaching the bank website, the user must search for “SBI Admit Card for SO Online Exam, 2017.” This will lead the user to the page for getting the card.
  2. All required bits of info should be entered into the website. This includes information on one’s registration ID number, name, date of birth, password and other key pieces of data.
  3. The exam ticket will then be displayed. It will be in a PDF format so it can be displayed on a mobile device or printed out and brought to the exam station.
  4. A call letter must also be downloaded from the same site. A print copy should be brought to the exam station so everything can be processed carefully.

The process for downloading the card only takes a few moments to complete. This should be done carefully so an applicant can get the most out of the process for getting it all ready.

What Is the Exam About?

The exam works with a series of questions relating to a variety of topics. There are 170 questions involved on many different subjects like quantitative aptitude, English language skills and reasoning among other topics. The exam is very comprehensive with a variety of subjects in mind.

The exam will go as follows:

  • A test of reasoning will be used at the start. This entails fifty questions relating to understanding how to handle many of the tasks associated with the job at hand.
  • 35 quantitative aptitude questions are then posed. These entail mathematic understanding of how well certain tasks on the job may be handled.
  • 35 questions on the English language will be asked. This is primarily due to how the English language is becoming more commonplace around the entire country.
  • The final fifty questions are professional knowledge questions that relate to some of the more specific and technical aspects of the position. These questions are good for two marks on the exam each, thus making them worth more money than other questions.

The exam will take about two hours to complete. It may take as long as three hours in some cases. All applications should take these points into consideration.

The SBI SO test will be important for all to look into if they are applying for this popular position. All applicants should ensure that they get the proper cards for admission into the test for this position. The exam will especially be tough unless people prepare for it. Those who are successful will have an easier time with getting the most out of the exam.

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