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Sasikala Natarajan Biography AIADMK

Sasikala Natarajan Biography AIADMK

Sasikala Natrarajan was born in the year 1957, almost a decade after independence. She was considered to be the right hand of Ex-Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Jaylalitha, commonly known as Amma. Both Jaylallitha and Sasikala hail from the same party – AIADMK ( All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazagham). Sources say that she would be the next CM of Tamil Nadu.

Sasikala was always connected to politics. When she got married, it was attended by DMK chief M. Karunanidhi. Her husband was once working in the public relations department of State Government’s office and was very close to then CM MG Ramachandran.

Natrajan was very close to one of the district collectors (Cuddalore) of the state- VS Chnadralekha. It was Chandralekha’s suggestion that Sasikala should meet Amma. Both these ladies (Sasikala and Amma) got together to record party functions, henceforth, commenced their journey.

Not many know that Sasikala hails from the powerful political community- Thevar. The base of this party is in Thanjavur, the place represented by M. Karunanidhi in the assembly.

Turmoil with Amma

In November, 2011, Sasikala was explelled from the premium membership of the party AIADMK. She was expelled along with her husband and 13 other relatives. The reason was improper use of power by them all.

Yes, misuse of power was one reason, but there was a time, when these 15 people (Sasikala, her husband and 13 relatives), started to interfere in matters of party politics. Their interference was hindering the growth of AIADMK. When she was expelled, party members celebrated the day by bursting crackers.

After a while, when Sasikala got released from the jail, she wrote an apology to Amma and was later absorbed in the party. After some time, Jaylalitha was called Amma and she was referred to as Cinnamma.

Amma to Chinnamma

Sasikala has been residing in the Poes Garden Residence of Jaylalitha, ever since Jaylalitha died. Many reports claim that the entire AIADMK is in favor of her becoming the next CM.

If things work out the way planned, Chinnamma would be the third woman CM of Tamil Nadu. First was MGR’s wife Janaki Ramchandran and second was Jaylalitha.

Many political analysts have claimed that if Sasikala is made the CM of TN, it may raise many eyebrows. Majority of people against will be from AIADMK only. This is being quoted because Amma and party workers of AIADMK are not really happy with Cinnamma. On the contrary, CPM secretary- G Ramakrishnan wished Sasikala on her promotion. He believes that Sasikala will be able to change people’s opinions about her very gracefully.

Students at times turn out to be better than their teachers; same theory is applied for Cinnamma as well. It is observed that Sasikala has the intelligence, capacity and grandeur to execute the responsibility a CM has on his/her shoulders. Since she has worked under the supervision of Amma, she knows what will work and where, similarly, people who are feeling sad because of Amma’s death can be brought back to life. Sasikala, is expected to look after the state and her AIADMK party workers, very well.