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Samsung will offer you refund of Galaxy note 7

Samsung will offer you refund of Galaxy note 7

Well, you just cannot deny that Samsung is one of the most popular brands, when it comes to android mobile devices. But at the same time, the latest smartphone created by Samsung, known as the Galaxy note 7 has got a lot of complaints. And most of the complaints are related to the battery issues. In a very short time, the device gets over heated and the motherboard simply bursts. This has caused a lot of trouble to the users. Most of them needed medical attention after the explosion of the phone since it was in their pockets or in hands.

Samsung will offer you refund of Galaxy note 7

The ban of Galaxy Note 7

A lot of countries have banned the Samsung Galaxy note 7. Especially in the sensitive zones like aeroplanes, petrol pumps, where using mobile device is strictly prohibited. People are not allowed to carry the Samsung Galaxy note 7, not even in their baggage. This surely affects the goodwill of Samsung. This is why it has decided to replace the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices in different countries where it was initially launched like Australia. Samsung has not yet officially stopped the production of the devices. But it has warned people to stop using the phone, till the replacement is issued.

The major problem with note 7

Apparently, people thought that the problem was with the batteries. The reason is, overheating issue mostly happens with batteries. After research, it was found that, the batteries were ok, but all the Samsung devices with Exynos Processor, have the same overheating issue. Not only the Galaxy note 7, but ALL the Samsung devices with Exynos processor will have a chance of explosion. So what is Samsung doing to prevent this? In the countries where the Samsung Note 7 or other Exynos processor mobiles are announced, but not yet distributed, for those countries the launch has been delayed. No specific date has been provided.

Some good news

Now this is good news for the Indians because they won’t have the Samsung galaxy note 7. But apart from delaying the launch, what about individuals of those countries who have already purchased Note 7 abroad? For them, Samsung has guaranteed that the devices shall either be replaced or a complete refund will be provided to the individual purchasing the Galaxy Note 7. To get this done, you need to approach a service center of Samsung on your locality. After this incident, the brand identity of Samsung has taken up a huge hit. People are just scared to purchase Samsung devices.

How to get refund/replacement?

Samsung is now more focused on damage control to maintain customer goodwill. And for those who have pre-ordered the device, but didn’t get the device till date, for them, the company is offering some exclusive offers apart from the refund. According to the announcement made by Samsung, the consumers who have bought the galaxy Note 7 abroad are absolutely eligible for replacement or refund. All you need to do is bring the invoice to the nearest service center and get the refund. This will be valid till November 1, 2016. So, in simple terms, it means, if you have a Samsung Galaxy note 7, you have till 1st November to claim for the refund. So if you have bought the galaxy note from any unofficial sources, you might not be eligible for refund. Because such sources do not have a proper invoice. You are on your own here.

The trouble in some replacement process

Initially, a lot of customers have complained that Samsung has not offered any easy process to get the refund. For instance, an individual named Amit Bhawani purchased a Samsung Galaxy note 7 from Dubai. When such issues were heard about the device, he contacted the service center of Samsung through social media. But in response, Samsung representatives stated that he needs to send back the phone to Dubai for replacement. Now this is a really hectic process. Also, it is risky to send back the device without any assurance of return. This is what Samsung needs to take care. It will be convenient for the users if Samsung gets these units picked up for certain customers who are not able to contact service centers. And then issue a refund after a proper physical inspection. Since the fault is from the side of the company, it is the responsibility of the company to replace the devices when a consumer is not able to contact service centers.


The company is offering a complete refund along with some additional offers. These offers include Samsung gear VR, the Samsung level U stereo wireless headset, the oculus VR content voucher which is worth Rs 3,300 and also a onetime screen replacement for a period of 12 months from activation date. For pre-booking amount from retailer, you will also get refunds and the company also issued apology to the users for the inconvenience caused by Samsung.

A tabular overview of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

SL NO Specifications of Note 7 Details
1. Display 5.7 inches
2. Processor 1.6GHZ
3. Front camera 5 MP
4. Resolution 1440*2560 pixels
5. RAM 4GB
6. OS Android 6.0.1
7. Storage 6GB
8. Primary camera 12 MP
9. Battery Capacity 3500
10. Release date August 2016
11. Form factor Touch screen
12. Weight 169 gms
13. Removable battery No
14. Colors available Gold platinum, blue coral, black, silver
15. Processor cores Exynos 8890 octa core
16. Expandable storage capacity 256 Gb

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