Samajwadi Ambulance/Swasthya Sewa in UP

Samajwadi Ambulance/Swasthya Sewa in UP

Samajwadi Party always makes its poll promises true to give everything to the people and currently it provides better health care services throughout the state for immediately getting medical care. The government of Akhilesh Yadav has recently inaugurated an emergency health care transport services for the people in Utra Pradesh. This emergency medical service is known as the Samajwadi Swasthya Sewa.

Samajwadi Ambulance/Swasthya Sewa in UP

The Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav always takes much care to take the UP state to the new heights on its development obverse in the next 5 years. He also said that the state will quickly get the very big changes continuously in every stage.

S.NoFacts about Samajwadi ambulance ServicesDetailed Information
1Scheme NameSamajwadi Swasthya Seva
2State which Introduced this schemeUttar Pradesh
3Scheme Launch Date14 September 2012
4Time Duration taken for Ambulance service to reach the spot after SOS callWithin 20 Minutes
5Scheme started UnderNational Rural Health Mission (NRHM)

Ambulance service in Uttar Pradesh State:

The Samajwadi Swastha Sewa has been launched by the UP government as the free 24 hours emergency medical care ambulance service on the support of the CM Akhilesh Yadav for helping all people. There is a toll free number which is 108 to be called for hiring this free emergency medical service. There is a team of members available to receive the call from any person in Utra Pradesh and at anytime.

Once the call has been received on this toll free number, the emergency ambulance will quickly reach a place of the patient within 20 minutes. There are all first aid facilities available within the ambulance to give medical aid before reaching the hospital. This kind of free emergency medical service is available to the people who suffer from the sudden heart attacks, people with burns, pregnant ladies, those who experience trauma following the physical assault or road accidents and also the persons with the infectious disease.

These kinds of people require emergency hospitalization and this samajwadi swastha sewa has been providing such great service to help people in all ways. The UP chief minister Yadav has been launched 133 fully equipped emergency ambulances and handed over all keys to one of the drivers on Friday at his official residence. He as well as launched the Utra Pradesh ambulance service on 22nd August under which totally two hundred ambulance vehicles have been installed in totally 75 districts.

This sewa of the Up government has been functioning under the particular National Rural Health mission which will add in totally of 988 full equipped medical care ambulances in the future days. In the emergency medical care services of the Yadav, these 133 ambulances will come under the Phase I for the development of the 13 districts of the state.

Facilities Offered in this emergency ambulances Service:

When it comes to the hundreds of emergency ambulances launched by the UP Chief Minister, it includes the entire first aid medicines and necessary medical equipments to give medical aid to the patients before reaching the hospital.

For providing high class medical care services to the patients, CM Yadav also launched totally 30 primary and community health centers with the highly advanced medical equipments and all other health care facilities to cure the different diseases and health problems of the humans. These kinds of primary and community health care centers have been inaugurated across 30 districts in the Utra Pradesh by the CM Akhilesh Yadav.

Different districts with this emergency ambulance service:

UP government takes much care in providing the biggest and quickest emergency medical transport service to the people through the Samajwadi Swastha Sewa. This great medical care service is currently in 13 districts of the Utra Pradesh state.

Districts in which 108 Emergency Services available in Uttar Pradesh State1.      Etawah

2.      Manipuri

3.      Saharanpur

4.      Lucknow

5.      Rampur

6.      Kannauj

7.      Muzaffarnagar

8.      Moradabad

9.      Baghpat

10.  Shamli

11.  Meerut

12.  Ambedkar nagar

13.  Sambhal

These are all the different districts in which the people can able to get the emergency medical transport service through a single call to the toll free number 108. It has been given by the UP government for making medical services very closer to each and every person for round the clock. All the ambulances given by the Utra Pradesh government includes better medical facilities to make the state as the top one in the country.

This 24 hours emergency medical care service actually launched in the year 2012 from which there are a lot of changes have been made in providing the medical care services to the patients. The Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has been completely over 6 months in office and recently launched this samajwadi swastha sewa ambulance service to reach the high class medical services even by the poor people. If the individuals are involved in any case of emergency medical care services, they can call a given toll free number 108 which will connect to the helpline of this sewa ambulance service.

There is a team of experts to receive the SOS call from any district of the Utra Pradesh and they aim to reach the patients within just 20 minutes. for this purpose, the highly dedicated call centre for this emergency medical care has been launched which is maintained by totally 100 persons and set up to receive the calls from the patients to provide emergency service for 24×7.

Features of 108 ambulance service in Uttar Pradesh State:

Each and every person in the Utra Pradesh should need to know about the facilities and features of the UP government’s emergency medical care service through the toll free number 108. The following are the most considerable medical care features which never ever been found in other states of the country.

  • The emergency medical care service of the Utra Pradesh government under the control of the Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav is the biggest ambulance service still running successful throughout the different districts of the state.
  • The accident victims, pregnant ladies and the patients with the heart attacks in the state can easily get this free medical aid by only making a single call to the 108 toll free number.
  • Once a call has been received from the particular place, the UP emergency ambulance service guarantees to reach the place within 20 minutes.
  • From the starting in 2012 to till now, this emergency medical care service has actually helped more than 48 lakhs of the patients.
  • Under 102 national ambulance services, totally 1972 vehicles have been arranged in the UP state for helping over 46 lakhs of the young children and pregnant ladies. 

Samajwadi tag on the emergency ambulance services: 

The UP government of the Samajwadi party under the control of current chief minister Akhilesh Yadav has been on the conflicting course with the central government especially over the samajwadi tag on the emergency ambulance services began under the NRHM (National Rural Health Mission). For the project implementation plan of this mission, there was on approval letter given in the period of 2013 to 2014.

The current central government of the country has clearly said that all the mobile based medical units and emergency ambulances running under this National Rural Health Mission have to be branded as the National Mobile Medical unit and the National Ambulance Service in the respective manner. The ministry of union health has as well as issued some of the considerable guidelines on the design, color and logo for these two emergency medical care services.

The officials of this ministry said that it has actually been done to prevent the states of the country from hijacking National Rural Health Mission schemes. But in the state of Utra Pradesh, such emergency ambulance services are running under the 108 toll free scheme and it is called as the Samajwadi Swastha Sewa. Under this scheme, everyone can able to get the free ambulance service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to quickly and easily reach the hospital.

When it comes to the mobile medical units of the UP government, it is known as the Mukhya Mantri Maha Maya Sachal Aspatal Yojana. The official documents of this scheme state that the emergency ambulances running under this scheme also have the logo of this sewa service. Currently UP CM Yadav has actually rejected the given guidelines of the central government saying the state governments also have the equal rights over this free ambulance services. 

Medical care for people living in the state of Utra Pradesh: 

The people with the emergency medical needs can easily reach this medical service through 108 toll free number. After go through the financial aspects of the state government, everyone has found that the government of Akhilesh Yadav would spend more money on the process of such ambulance services with all fully equipped medical care facilities than the ambulance service of the central government. But the consultants and ministry officials in the state programme management team of the National Rural Health Mission unit recently said that it might be impossible.

The ministry of health has told some of the crucial conditions to release the funds to launch this emergency medical ambulance services throughout the state. It has still kept in the proposals of the state about totally Rs. 170 Crores for the launch of the emergency ambulances and for the mobile medical unit schemes, Rs. 145 Crores fund has been told to allot but they have been still in pending and waiting for the implementation of such necessary guidelines.

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