Sahil (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Sahil (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Sahil is a family drama that aired on Doordarshan during mid 90s. In that era Indian television was more into family sagas than social issues or other genres of shows unlike earlier times. Sahil is a family drama that had diverse angles of different relationships. Unlike today’s television industry, at that point of time acting in television shows for a personality from film fraternity was not a big thing. As the length of the shows was not so long, they can freely act in shows in between the shoot of the movies. Kiran Kumar, one of the leading actors from Hindi film industry played the title role in the show.

Sahil (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Kiran Kumar started his film career from mid 60s when he was nearly 15 years old. When he was at the peak of his acting career he took up few television projects which were finite shows. Sahil is one of them. The actor is still working on both the industries, TV and Films.

The other actors in the show Soni Razdan and Kitu Gidwani were also featured in the show as the two leading ladies. The former actress was, like Kiran Kumar, also started her career with films during early 80s. Kitu, on the other started her career with small screen. She did her first work on TV only back in 80s. Then she did some short stories in TV and finally Sahil happened to her that gave her huge popularity.


The show Sahil was based on a guy who has gone through emotional turmoil in his life. Sahil’s literal meaning is bank of the sea. All the waves come and break at the bank of sea where the waves come and set. Banks are the place for the people to rest. The show showed something like that.

The character Sahil who was enjoying his life with his lady love (played by Soni Razdan) had to go through hard times when he met Prerna (played by Kitu Gidwani). Sahil and his lady love were happiest until the female lead had to leave her boyfriend and life forever.

Prerna, on the other hand, a widow who lost her husband at a very young age started surrendering her life when she met Sahil who had turned out to be the new love in her life. She started breathing again under the love and care of Sahil.

The show was all about many folds of relationships that one has to deal in real life. With each episode the story had gradually turned to more emotional angle as deeper relationships were showing in the series.

Relevance Today

The show was all about relationships. If we talk about the relevancy of the show today, it is inevitable that the show is completely relevant in today’s life. The emotional turmoil that Sahil witnessed when he lost his lady love from his early life was something that can be relatable easily.

There was another relationship that was shown in the series was Prerna and Sahil’s relationship. It was not easy for Prerna to accept Sahil at the first place. It was also quite common and practical as we can imagine how it feels when someone loses her life partner at such early age.

Today we can say that Sahil did not have anything special that we haven’t seen on TV till now. But at that point of time having such shows was rare. The show was made 20 years ago and still has the same effect on our life.

Important information of the show
Name of the showSahil
SubjectFamily Drama
Banner (production house)Cinevistaas Pvt. Ltd.
DirectorSurendra Mohan
CreatorSunil Mehta
ProducerPrem Kishen & Sunil Mehta
Story writerSunil Mehta
Dialogues written byNida Fazli
Official site address
Telecast Details
Telecast Date1995
Aired onDoordarshan
Telecast episodes104
Episodes Length23 minutes (approx)
Telecast season no.1
Cast Details
Character NameReal Name
SahilKiran Kumar
Soni Razdaan
PrernaKitu Gidwani

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