Sahil Anand Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend (Bigg Boss 10 Contestant)

Sahil Anand Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend (Bigg Boss 10 Contestant)

Sahil Anand, a popular Indian actor. His achievements in the field of acting are remarkable and in the recent time he is performing the television shows, but his popularity has made him work in several films. He has not only made a huge statement in the film Student of the Year but also in the film Babloo Happy Hai was another popular film where he was cast as a crew member. His participation in the fourth season of MTV Roadies also helped him to become popular among the young generation people.

Sahil Anand

He popularity among the fans have also made him to be the brand ambassador of several commercial television channels advertises like Fogg Deo,  pizza hut, axe deo, Colgate active salt, rebook, Samsung mobile and many more.

Personal life

Sahil Anand was born in the year 1987 on the 1st of January. At the age of 29, he has been very successful across the Bollywood as well as in television shows. His birth place was in Chandigarh, and his education was also from the same location. At the age of 24 he joined the acting profession and since then he has been successful in his profession. His parents are Ashok Anand, his father and mother Anju Anand. Since his young days, he was very talented in acting and dancing, and the talent got its existence later in the life, and today he is among one of the popular across the nation that has a pollution of hundred Crore.


Sahil Anand is known for the cute smile of his and had been the main attraction for the fans. His performance, dedication and hard work have made him successful. He is a well a mannered person. He felt that he could do something special and believing in himself he went on to have the hard work. During his preparation, he has been demotivated with several failures, but he did not get hopeless. His determination has made him come all across the village of Chandigarh.

Apart from acting he prefers to play football, cricket and enjoy the company of his friends. He is available in the facebook, instagram and twitter. He loves fashion and prefers to have the fashionable clothes for himself.

Some facts to Sahil Anand

Being so successful and good looking, Sahil Anand is single till today. He feels that if he is entangled to a love story or into a relation, then he is supposed to have some time for his relation but right now he wants to focus only in his career and that made him refuse all the luxury and attraction that the life has come up with. He preferred several spicy foods but because of his diet and health maintenance, he has to sacrifice all those tasty foods, and that result in him to have such dashing appearance.  His success is notable and being young; he wanted to peruse his dream to the highest level, and for that, he is constantly working hard to get the best for himself. His popularity has earned him a lot of followers on social networking sites, and on the Instagram, he is one of the big users.

He is also the brand ambassador of several products, and this handsome young actor conducts the advertisements of these commodities. His achievements have made him a place in the reality shows like the MTV Rodies and then he took his place in the popular television serials in various channels like star one, colours, Zee TV, imagine TV and life OK. His success in the television has called him for the films, and his latest film was released in the year 2015, and the film name was Bang Bang Bangkok.

Physical appearance

To be a successful actor, you need to have the physic that attracts audiences and being a successful actor Sahil Anand too has a attractive physic. He poses a standard height of five feet nine inches and with a maintained weight of 69 kilogramme. He has got the whitish skin color with dark brown eyes and dark colored hairs. The look makes him look gorgeous in his appearances and thereby brings an attractive look during the photo shoot. His regular exercises and maintained diet have helped him to get a well-shaped body with proper shape and muscle cutting around the body. He is well versed in the languages like Hindi, English, Bengali, Punjabi and a few more of those. The extensive efforts, tough mentality and self-confidence, have earned him the success which he is capitalizing for better result.  With such capabilities he can make his life according to his wish.

Sahil Anand details

The details will help you to get to know about this popular young man and his dedication and hard work can be the footprints for someone’s success.

FULL NAME Sahil Anand
DOB1st January 1987
AGE29 Years
IN PRESENTActing Television shows
GIRL FRIENDNo girlfriend

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