Reporter (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Reporter (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Reporter was one of the most favourite shows on Doordarshan during mid 90s. The Shekhar Suman starrer reporter was based on a newspaper reporter who used to leave no stone unturned to solve a case. It was hugely popular when it came for the first time on TV. Then after a long time it was back with the same lead with 2nd season namely Reporter Returns.

Reporter (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

The main lead of the show was Shekhar Suman who is now a very popular face in Bollywood and television industry. The man at that time was much younger and had made his way to success with this awesome show. Reporter used to come on weekdays at prime time. Early and mid 90s was the golden period for the Doordarshan as it was literally ruling the prime time. Mostly people used to enjoy family drama series that were based on sensitive issues. Reporter was quite a new sort of taste for the audience and was loved by all.


As said the show was all about a newspaper reporter who was keen to solve every problem he encountered with. Each episode of the show came up with new stories and new cases that were solved by the reporter and his assistants.

Shekhar Suman who was playing the title character was working with a newspaper as a senior reporter. He had to travel from one place to another to collect news for his paper. While doing so he often encountered with several cases that he used to solve with the help of the Inspector and his assistants.

As the story went on new characters and new faces introduced. These new characters were sometimes protagonists or sometimes turned out to be antagonists. As the story was unfolding viewers got to see how the reporter was surviving with odds and evens.

Reporter Returns, the second season used to be an hourly show on television. It followed the same format like the 1st season. In this season as well the viewers got to see how the reporter solved each case with his intelligence and smartness. The new season had some humorous episodes where we got to see Shekhar took new looks to solve the cases.

Relevance today

Reporter was a show that is completely relevant in any generation. The new generation is though depending on digital media more than newspapers or television but the responsibility of the reporter remains same since the earlier days. Media is the bridge between the world and the reader. Media has to be fair and unbiased. The drama series showed us the same thing. They had showed how a reporter struggled to get a story. Not only a reporter but being a citizen it is our moral duty to voice our opinion against the crime. The show didn’t fail to show that too.

When a news reporter works he certainly does not think of himself or his life, the only thing he considers is the story and how people should be aware of every crime happening in the society. It is definitely a moral duty of any media channel through which the people get aware of the happenings around them in the society or country.

In every shape and size, in every situation media people bear more responsibilities than the common citizen of any country. Depending upon the news they show or print the society reacts to any incident. Reporter drama showed exactly that angle. Shekhar Suman did a splendid job in playing the character of the reporter.

In today’s life when the media looks for business other than facts must watch the show and realize how things should be done. As the entire nation depends on the media only to know about the rest of the world or things around us, it is the biggest responsibility for the reporters to provide full and fair facts.

Important Details about the show
Name of the show Reporter
Country India
Language Hindi
Subject Thriller / Drama
Banner (production house) Option Dee
Director Vinod Pandey
Creator Vinod Pandey
Producer Vinod Pandey
Story writer Vinod Pandey
Dialogues written by Vinod Pandey
Official website
Telecast Details
Telecast Date 1994
Aired on Doordarshan
Telecast Episode
Episode Length
No of seasons 2
Cast Details
Character Name Real Name
Reporter Shekhar Suman
Unknown Raj Kiran

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