Reliance Jio Fiber Broadband Internet

Reliance Jio Fiber Internet (FTTH) Offers Up To 1 Gbps Speed, Being Piloted In Mumbai & Pune

It has been announced by the Mukesh Ambani that the mobile telecommunication division of Reliance Industries Limited, Reliance Jio, has started to test their self owned Fiber based broadband services which are about to launch for the purpose of providing quality wired home internet connections in upcoming years.

Reliance Jio Fiber Internet (FTTH)

Reliance 4G Plan NameAmount In RupeesData (28 days Validity)
M4994GB + Unlimited 4G @ Night
M99910GB + Unlimited 4G @ Night
L149920BG + Unlimited 4G @ Night
XL249935GB + Unlimited 4G @ Night
XXL399960GB + Unlimited 4G @ Night
XXXL499975GB + Unlimited 4G @ Night

On the annual meeting of the company’s shareholders it was revealed that Reliance JioGiga Fiber (fiber to home wired network service) service will be released to the public soon and it is currently on testing phase.

Reliance Jio fiber (JioFiber)Jio Broadband Service
Reliance Jio Fiber’s Expected LaunchMid of 2017
Internet speed of Reliance Jio’s fiber1 Gbps
JioFiber also known asFTTH (Fiber to the home)

Tests being conducted for Reliance JioGigaFiber service

It was been heard that the company is testing its high-speed FTTH (Fiber To The Home) service in certain selected societies in Mumbai, but it was recently confirmed by Mukesh Ambani that this service is being tested across certain selected cities in the country, particularly Mumbai and Pune. It is said that this broadband service would be available to top 100 cities in India. He also claimed that wired line broadband network will reach out to both residential and commercial areas and buildings. Ambani added that this connection will be in part to the multi-gigabyte connectivity that is being offered in many top countries of the world.

Recently in a tweet the CTO of Hipcask, Mr. Arjun Hemrajani, said that a few days ago he received free 100Mbps Jio FTTH home broadband connection and in his following tweet he posted an image showing the speed test result where the download speed was 743Mbps and the upload speed was 73Mbps.

For the testing phase the Jio Fiber is being provided under a preview offer to the customers on an unlimited basis, but it will be available to the people who are located in the place where the fiber has been laid by the company.

Details about the connection

The fiber broadband services of Reliance Jio has said that they will offer speeds of up to 1Gbps which has been offered by no other telecom companies till now, in India.

The actual tariff plans of the Jio Fiber has not been revealed yet. For testing the service four plans have been revealed. The current plans of Jio Fiber include FTTH Base Plan for Prod and Silver JPO. The upcoming plans revealed are TEST-Super Platinum Plan and Jio Fiber 100.

Since the service is in testing stages now one cannot subscribe for it even if they live in Mumbai or Pune. The launch of the service will be in the start or mid of the next year, so those who are eagerly waiting to use the Jio Fiber have to wait longer.

Future of Jio Fiber

Ambani has claimed that company is looking forward to cover the entire population of the country by the end of 2018. They have covered around 18000 cities and one lakh villages with their 2.5 lakh kilometers fiber-optic cables that have been laid across these cities and villages.

It is been said that the Jio Fiber will also have very competitive plans and rates just like its mobile 4G services. It is expected to be a great competition to the other broadband services in India, mainly BSNL.

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