Reliance Jio 4G Data, Voice and SMS Plans | Free Voice and SMS Rs 50/GB data charges

Reliance Jio 4G Data, Voice and SMS Plans | Free Voice and SMS Rs 50/GB data charges

When the competition for 3G and 4G data packs among the telecommunication providers have taken its peak, the Reliance Jio left everyone behind and seems to won the competition already. Today on 1st September 2016, Mukesh Ambani had announced a big plan under JIo network in the press conference. The plan will not only give you the best quality 4G broadband but also will be the cheapest 4G data packs in the entire world.

Jio network which was on trial basis for last few months now will be available for the users officially along with the Lyf Smartphones that were also available on trial basis will be available at much lower price than anyone can imagine. There will be nearly 10 plans that will give the users more satisfaction and money saving ways than ever.

Today, in RIL AGM, Mukesh Ambani stated that the target set by the company is 100 milli0on users in 2017. He also said that Jio’s tariff will be a revolutionary step towards Digital India and with the help of Jio data packs and network Digital India will witness a new era.

In the RIL AGM, Ambani announced the much awaited data plans and tariffs of the Jio network. The announcements are as follows:

  • Reliance Jio network will be covering 2, 00,000 villages and 18,000 cities as a whole.
  • The tariffs will be only for 4G service and not for 3G connection or less.
  • 1GB 4G data will be available at Rs. 50/- and Rs. 19/- for users who don’t use internet much. ON the other there will be another pack of Rs. 149/- for the people who use much more data than anyone can think.
  • There will be a student’s concession on each plan. Students will get 25% more of data with each pack so that they can enjoy their uninterrupted data connection.
  • Reliance Jio will be available from 5th September this year and will be free till the end of December 2016.
  • There will be free services like calling, SMS, video calling and also there will be no special charges applied on festival days in India.
  • The smartphones lovers have good news too, as we know 70% of the total handsets now in India are supported 4G LTE. Looking at the current scenario the company has decided to offer Lyf smartphones at just Rs. 2999/- and can go up to the price Rs. 5999/-.
  • JioFi router can also be available in 4G connections and it will cost Rs. 1999/-.
  • The data pack tariffs under this company will be 5 times lesser than the market price.

The company sets a target of reaching out 90% of the total population by this current financial year, Already Reliance sells out 12 lakh handset in a year. The company is expecting more from these data plans that has no one could ever witness. The Chairman of RIL said that it will bring about a healthy competition in the industry. The offer will be officially launched on September 5th and will provide free service to the users till December. After that users can buy the services at lower than lower prices. As of now the tariffs declared by the company is lowest in the world for 4G connection.

A tabular overview about Reliance Jio 4G network

SL NOThings to knowBrief details
Only for 4G mobilesThe reliance Jio sim is going to work on only 4G enabled mobile devices and not on any other smartphones.
100% VoLTEThe reliance Jio is 100% VoLTE, which means you can make voice calls through data.
LimitationThe Reliance Jio services shall be free till 31st Dec 2016.
Population encompassed18000 cities and more than 2 Lakh villages can now have Reliance Jio sim services.
Wi-Fi HotspotsMore than a million Wi-Fi hotspots.
Cheapest dataThe base rate shall be more than 90% discounts in the industry.
eKYCFor instant activation services.