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President to inaugurate Mega ADIP Camp by M/O SJ&E in Gwalior on 11th February 2018 (Rashtriya Vayoshri Yojana)

President to inaugurate Mega ADIP Camp by M/O SJ&E in Gwalior on 11th February 2018 (Rashtriya Vayoshri Yojana)

The president of the country Mr. Ramnath Kovind has announced to inaugurate a Major ADIP Camp with an aim to distribute assistive devices and aids amongst senior citizens and disabled individuals. Under the new initiative the President shall assist various involving ADIP (Assistance to Disabled persons) related to appliances/ fitting/purchase procedures of these appliances and devices.

Implementation details

  • According to the sources the inauguration program for implementation will be carried on by the President on 11th February 2018. The program will be organized under the supervision of Divyangjan (Persons with disabilities empowerment Department), and Empowerment and Social Justice Ministry.
  • The inauguration of the event shall be organized at Madhya Pradesh – Gwalior, Jiwaji University Campus. The beneficiaries to be offered with assistance under the initiative have been identified by the Vayoshree Yojana in accordance with a survey conducted by the Ministry and Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India. So far till date the organization has short list over 4086 beneficiaries under the program for assistance.
  • The sources have also added that the inauguration event shall also be attended by other members including DEPwD Department Secretary, Empowerment and Social Justice Secretary, State Ministers, Panchayat Raj members, Rural Development Union Ministers, and Governors of the states of Madhya Pradesh and Haryana.

Rashtriya Vayoshri Yojana and Camp details

  • The Yojana was officially launched in the year 2016 December at Nellore where the organization had organized its first camp on 2017 1st April inaugurated by the Vice President of the country, Mr Venkiah Naidu.
  • Till date the organization and departments have managed to organize 19 such camps in various laces around the country. Till date under ALIMCO the authorities have managed to organize over 281 Mega camps distributing appliances and devices worth Rs 1 crore in value to disabled persons and senor citizens. In a period of 4 years.

Beneficiaries under the ADIP and RVY 2018 scheme

  • For the 2018 event the authorities have already selected to offer benefit for over 2436 beneficiaries under the ADIP and over 1835 beneficiaries under the RVY scheme for distributing over 4474 and 3634 appliances worth Rs 288.72 lakh in value.

Appliances distributed under the ADIP and RVY schemes for 2018

  • Under the ADIP and RVY scheme the authorities have already selected different appliances and devices to be distributed to the disabled persons including walking sticks, motorized cycles, wheel chair, hearing aids, crutches, tripods, Brail cane, walker, Denture, Rolator, Spectacles, ADL kits and much more.

Key Features

  • The main aim of the authorities under the new initiative is to facilitate the Divyangjan amongst the society and to assist them with kits for their daily needs.
  • Apart from this the authorities also aim at helping in generating and promoting the values of Social Economic developments and promote the idea of free movement amongst disabled persons. The authorities will also try and offer educations in the form of vocational trainings to offer disabled people with chance for getting self employed.
  • Under the program the authorities also aim at offering education to these people related to employment and financial assistance programs for availing loan benefits.


Under the drive the authorities have also conducted a number of survey programs for assessment procedures. The programs were run under the regulation of Administrative departments at the district levels within various states.


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