Raja aur Rancho (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Raja aur Rancho (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)

Raja aur Rancho is one of the classiest TV serials of India. The show belong to an era when Indian TV serials were offering a lot of different concepts to the audiences. This show also offered a very different and interesting concept to the Indian audiences and was one of the most loved shows of the 90s. People of all ages sat together and enjoyed this interesting show. The show was based on detecting and investigation. The theme of the show was very interesting and the characters in it managed to attract the audiences even more. The detectives of the show was a man named Raja and his monkey named Rancho. The inclusion of the monkey made the show very interesting as the monkey was able to attract the viewers with his awesome performance in front of camera. The show was able to showcase the importance of a pet in a human’s life and the honest nature of a pet and the director was able to satisfy the theme of the show.

Raja aur Rancho (Old Doordarshan TV Serial)


Raja aur Rancho was based on the criminal cases solved by a detective named Raja. His monkey helped him in solving his cases and the active participation of the monkey named Rancho made this serial adorable.

Originally, Rancho was the pet of Mr. Gupta. Rancho is a well-trained and a well-mannered monkey and after the death of his master he became close to Raja during the investigation of the death of his master. Rancho always had the back of Raja and in every situation Rancho supported Raja.

Rancho and Raja solved a new crime case every week. Rancho was very true from heart and he always followed all the commands of Raja. Raja and Rancho solved a lot of interesting and different types of crimes and Rancho was always with Raja in these hard challenges. The show earned a lot of fame due to active presence of Rancho and his faithfulness also caught the eye of a lot of people. Every week a lot of new characters were included in the show due to different crime cases and Rancho and Raja solved all the crimes together every week. The show also provided important information to the viewers at the end of each crime solving episode. The plot was mainly based on the investigations and detecting of Rancho and Raja.

Relevance Today

In Raja aur Rancho, the detectives named Raja and Rancho had to crossover different types of characters, immoral norms and human emotions to provide the richest fare in crime. They had to convey the reality behind a crime and they were always able to find out about the real incident behind the crime which proved that crime can’t be hidden. The show is very significant because it showed the viewers that truth is always the winner. This show was also able to attract viewers because it taught the people about the moral values and it always portrayed the view that truth and honesty always wins over dishonesty and lies.

The show is also very relevant because the show didn’t as soon as the crime was solved. The show also provided important information to the audiences. The show showed the consequences of bad deeds to the audiences and as the show was very popular, it was able to teach the young generation about good moral values.

The show is relevant to any generation because it showed the importance of human relationships and the relationship between a pet and their master. Also, the show portrayed the consequences of evil actions, the value of life and the importance of being truthful. To learn all these things is very important and thus the show is very significant.

1Important Details of Raja aur Rancho
2Name of the showRaja aur Rancho
5SubjectDetective Drama
6Banner (Production House)
7DirectorMurali Nallappa
8CreatorMurali Nallappa
9ProducerMuralli Nallappa
10Story writer
11Dialogue written by
12Official Site Address
13Telecast Details
14Telecast Date1997
15Aired OnDD Metro
16Telecasted Episodes
17Episode Length
18Telecast Season No.1
19Cast Details
20Character NameReal Name
21RajaMohan Bhandari
22RanchoWonder Monkey

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