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Carry proof of marriage if you dont have Spouses name in Passport

Carry proof of marriage if you dont have Spouses name in Passport

If you are newly married and all set to go abroad for a honeymoon then make sure you carry your marriage certificate if you do not have your husband’s name mentioned on your passport. This will make sure that you are able to board the flight without any problem.

Spouse's name not on passport? Carry proof of marriage

Problem that you may face

Recently a honeymoon couple from Delhi were on the airport to board a flight for Dubai but then were not allowed to board the flight. The problem was that the visa of the woman referred to her as ‘wife of’ but then her passport, which was issued before her marriage, did not have her husband’s name.

This is a common problem that any couple can face and so it is being suggested by the veterans of the travel industry that a newly married couple should make sure that they carry their marriage certificate or any other proof of marriage along with them to avoid this hassle.

For all those women who do not have their husband’s name on the passport, but have it on your visa, it is best to carry your marriage certificate. In case you have not yet received your marriage certificate then carry an affidavit or some photograph of the marriage. This will make sure that you do not face a problem in boarding the flight or during emigration.

Common factors to note relating visa and passport

There are many such minor mistakes or problems due to which many people have to face such last moment hassle and then return back from the airport. A common mistake that many people make is that they do not properly check their transit visa requirements. If you are travelling from India to US via Canada then you need a transit visa for the US and also Canada. But many people do not realize this and book their tickets. They just end up returning from the origin airport itself.

S.No Documents required to add spouse name in Passports Details
1 Photographs Recently captured 2 color photographs of spouse
2 Address Proof Any valid address proof for spouse
3 Marriage Certificate Photocopy of marriage certificate duly attested by Gazette Officer

Also many people do not check their passport validity. This has to be especially kept in mind if you are travelling to a country that offers visa on arrival.

Travelers should make sure that the details of the passport and visa match and in case there is some miss-match then make sure you carry a documents to justify the miss-match. Keeping all this in mind will save you from last moment and of course returning heartbroken from the airport.

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