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How to Port your Phone Number to Reliance Jio 4G

Port your Number to Reliance Jio 4G|Switch to Jio – MNP Guide

Reliance Jio offers are surely attracting a lot of people and that’s the reason all the Reliance Jio stores are witnessing long queues outside their shops. But then with this high demand the company is not being able to match the supply of SIMs and the process of providing Jio SIMs is getting delayed. To meet this demand the company decided to allow the willing customers to port their SIMs of other mobile network providers to Reliance Jio. This process started from the 5th of September and a lot of people have opted for this option since then.

How to Port your Phone Number to Reliance Jio 4G


Apart from unlimited 4G data, Jio is also offering unlimited SMS, hotspot data, zero roaming charges, extra data for students and many other offers. The unlimited data offer that is being provided under the Jio Preview offer lasts till 31st December 2016 and people want to make the most out of it.

Mobile Number Portability service of Jio

From 5th September Jio is offering the Mobile Number Portability or MNP options to the customers of Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, BSNL, Aircel, Docomo, and others, so that they can shift to Reliance Jio network service without changing their mobile numbers. With this option the customers of other mobile network can easily change to Jio network and not even change their existing number.

This portability service can be provided by any mobile network company only after they have got the LRN which is like a license that allows a company for the MNP service. So Jio has also obtained this license so customers from any India based mobile network company can port to Reliance Jio.

The main reason for allowing this was to meet the high demand of Jio SIM cards. With MNP option users need not wait for Jio SIM cards, rather they can just change their existing SIM and network to that of Jio. All the GSM and CDMA, which means 3G and 2G SIM, users can port to Jio 4G SIM and network.

Steps to port from any other mobile network to Jio

In case you want to port your number to Reliance Jio then you just need to follow the following simple steps-

  • From your mobile phone send an SMS to 1900 by typing ‘PORT (Mobile Number)’. In the place of the ‘mobile number you have to type your mobile number that has to ported. Remember to send this SMS from the number that you want to port to Reliance Jio.
  • You will then receive an SMS containing UPC or Unique Port Code in the same mobile number. This number will be valid for 15 days so you have to use it by then. Then download the My Jio app and generate the code.
  • Go to any Reliance store and fill out an application form and submit it along with a photocopy of your Aadhar card and passport size photo. You will here have to pay Rs.19 for the porting process. You will then be given a Jio 4G SIM Card.
  • Within 6 or 7 days the new SIM will get activated then you can insert your new Jio SIM card to your mobile phone and remove the old one. You will get an SMS once the old SIM is deactivated.

So with the help of this guide you will be able to easily change your mobile numbers from current SIM network to Reliance Jio network.

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