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Paytm PoS App without internet

Paytm PoS App without internet

With the government pushing digital methods to make transactions, the need for e-wallets is on the rise. Now although we have digital payment methods in the country, there are places in the country that still do not get electricity, much less internet. Amidst this scenario, the decision taken by Paytm may bring some solace.

Paytm PoS App without internet

Those who have enough internet connection are taking the advantage of Paytm, MobiKwik and Oxigen Wallet, etc, to make payments. However, not everyone is having an internet connection. Even if they have it, the chances of data packs expiring outdoors are high. There is a dire need of data free money transaction which Paytm has come up with.

Digital wallet and Government aid

To make it easier for people, the government has ensured that more and more groceries and shops use digital wallets to make payments. This is how customers and the retailers are asked to continue with their day to day life.

Paytm has become one of the highest grosses amidst all of this. Right from the political leaders like Arvind Kejriwal taking its name, to the political parties mentioning it in their tweets, it has grabbed a lot of eyeballs.

This is why Paytm has made sure that they target even more people and ask them to join their platform. They have therefore ensured that they install some new features. One of them is “in app PoS”.

What is “in app PoS”?

This is a feature that helps those small vendors to accept payments. It is an alternative to card swipe machines.

This does not mean that you need to replace the card swipe machine with this app. It simply means that those small vendors and grocery sellers who cannot get a card swipe machine to accept machines can use this.

The EDC card swipe machines are expensive. They need a lot of money to be bought. They need proper infrastructure which the small shop owner might have but the thelawala might not. With this app, even the small vegetable seller can accept payment.

Features and benefits of the app

  • Paytm had earlier launched this app and then withdrawn. The initial app was criticized on the security grounds. But this one seems to have recently come back in better shape.
  • The updated feature on this app allows the merchants to “accept payments” without revealing any security details of the payer. Now the payers will have to submit only their mobile phone number and amount details to pay.
  • The universal benefit is that you need to have a debit or credit card to be able to pay anywhere where Paytm is accepted. It is more convenient than the other apps of its kind.

Limitations of the app

  • Every time you make a transaction you will have to enter the details of your credit card. This can become tedious. Now you have to pull out your wallet every time and enter the details of your card on your phone to make a payment. It’s a hassle.
  • Not just that, after entering the card details, you will have to wait for the OTP to be sent to your phone. This SMS OTP will have to be entered into your phone to get the transaction done.
  • The phone you are using to do all of this is the merchant’s and not your own. This phone could have malware installed to get all your credit card details. This is a huge security threat.

Hence, the greatest limitation of this app is in terms of security and ease of use – which are both questionably absent here.

How to get this feature activated?

Call on the toll free number after installing Paytm on your phone. OR create an account online. Then the IVR tells you a PIN number which you have to enter in your account and you are done.


Serial No. About Info
1 Toll free number 1800 1800 1234
2 App available on Android and iOS
3 Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma

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