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Pay Less Bill if you consume more Electricity

Pay Less Bill if you consume more Electricity 

After so many sectors now it is time for the power sector where Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi will take new policies to develop the sector in a much better way. In a recent event the power development committee formed in last September declared about the new pricing policy of the power consumption for the consumers. Surprisingly according to the committee members PM Mr. Modi has proposed that the tariff will be lower if the consumer is consuming higher amount of power. This is not only surprising but also out of the box decision since independence.

Pay Less Bill if you use more Electricity

As per a leading new report one of the committee members said that the price structure of the power consumption has not been changed since 1947 that is the time of independence. This is the first time in so many years that the price structure in power development sector will be changed completely.

Price Structure

Currently there are multiple slabs under which the consumers consume power. If you are using higher amount of electricity at home or in industries then you fall into higher slabs. Higher slabs mean higher amount of charges. This structure was made because of the shortage of the power across the nation. State wise it has been seen that many a states still have power shortage issues depending on that the price structure is justified. But there are places and states where the issue of power shortage has been resolved long back, in fact there seems to have surplus in power consumption.

Looking at such situation PM Modi has stated that from now on the price of electricity will get down with high consumption of power. However no official statement has come yet but the committee is quite sure about the statement that this policy will encourage more people to consume higher amount of electricity.

The Committee

The committee was formed back in September last year 2016. The Chairman of CEA (Central Electricity Authority), the secretary of CERC (Central Electricity Regulatory Commission), the president of Ficci, Energy secretaries of states such as Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu are the leading members of the committee. By the end of this month January the members are expected to release the final report on price policies.

Reasons for price structure change

  • The first and most important reason for doing this is to encourage the demand for power consumption. It is obvious that industrial sectors need more power consumption than domestic household. The price policy is taken for the industrial sector mainly.
  • According to a member of the committee, it is been told by the PM that off-peak time, especially at night, more consumption of power will save more money for the industrial sectors.
  • In another report it is been told that the power consumption price policy will solely be implemented for the industrial sector as more they save money more they can involve into manufacturing that will enhance the national income.
  • This entire price policy making strategy is taken as a part of make in India, according to a member of the committee. Now as the industries have to pay low amount of money for high consumption of power the manufacturing will definitely be boost up in future, told PM.

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