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India Passes United States In Google Play App Usage

India Passes United States In Google Play App Usage

The Google Play app makes it easy for people to enjoy going online on their mobile devices to play assorted games, download apps to keep them productive and to get all kinds of media files. This has especially been big as many different apps are being introduced on the Google Play application store on a regular basis.

India has recently become the top country in the world in terms of Google Play app usage. More than six billion downloads took place in India in 2016. This helped India to leap from the third place finish it had in 2015 to first.

India climbed over the United States and Brazil, the second and third-place countries on the list. India’s six billion download total is also exceptionally higher than what the United States and Brazil have. Those two countries still have a very large number of downloads at about five billion each.

These totals come from a report from the analyst firm App Annie. The 2016 year in review found that India was more excited about Google Play apps more than anything else. In particular, India is expected to grow in size and become a more appealing country for many to do business with.

Other Key Statistics

The report from App Annie found a few additional details to notice:

  • App downloads increased by about 15 percent from 2015 to 2016. The amount of time people spend on these apps has increased by around 25 percent. As a result, the app store revenue for publishers that get their apps on Google Play has increased by nearly 40 percent.
  • People in India spent about 150 billion hours on Google Play mobile apps. This is a significant amount of the 900 billion hours spent around the entire world. From an individual country basis, Brazil netted 115 billion hours while the United States had 90 billion hours. The totals suggest that people spent about two hours on the Android devices each day on average.
  • India has passed the United States as the second largest market for smartphones. Much of this is thanks to how smartphones are being produced within India more than ever before. China continues to hold the top spot as the most noteworthy market for smartphones.
  • India is not in the top ten in the world in terms of revenue from applications.  Japan, the United States and South Korea are the three top countries in that category.

India is also listed as an emerging market in this review. Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia are among the many other countries designated by Google as places where the growth potential is vast. In these parts of the world, the potential to get more people to use Google Play apps in these countries is significant.

What About China?

It should be noted that China is not in the Google Play rankings. Google and various other Google-related services have the highest Alexa ranks among all websites that have been blocked in China. This is due to the Chinese government’s control over what can be allowed within the country. China did reach the top spot among the busiest countries for Apple iOS app store downloads though.

The Potential For Growth

The possibility for continued growth is clearly visible in India. This comes as mobile users around India are being more reliant on their phones than ever before. In particular, they are using them for more connectivity functions and for productivity purposes. Of course, many people are downloading various fun games and media files through the app.

Still, there are concerns about market penetration. In particular, the market doesn’t have as many smartphones as others due to many people living in rural or poor regions. There is a potential that people could download more apps if the country had more smartphones to work with and therefore better overall penetration.

If there is one thing to notice, it is that India has become a more viable country in recent time when it comes to the competition involved for mobile devices. The growth of the Google Play app market in India has especially become a real sign of how the market is changing and expanding in its size.

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