Pankh Yojana in the state of Jharkhand

Pankh Yojana in the state of Jharkhand 

In the state of Jharkhand, the literacy rate among the poor people are too low when compared with other states particularly the rate of children’s school dropout among the families who are below poverty line is high and the rate keep on increasing year by year. In order to improve the literacy rate of poor families and to reduce the kid’s dropout from the schools among the BPL families, the state government of Jharkhand introduced Pankh Yojana scheme, by which the state government plans to reduce the school dropout of the poor family children.

Pankh Yojana in the state of Jharkhand

The entire scheme is fully focused on the children from the slum area in which state’s majority of the poor families live. By providing proper education to those children, the standards of those BPL families will be increased in future.

Scheme Details

one the newly launched scheme by the state government of Jharkhand in order to improve the literacy rate among the poor people from slum area.

S.No Things Need to Know about  Detailed Information
1 Scheme Name Pankh Yojana
2 State which Implemented this Scheme Jharkhand
3 Motive To send slum area children from poor family to School
4 The Scheme functions with the aid of Social Media
5 Expected Impact of Scheme To improve literacy rate among slum people
6 Age of children who send to school under this scheme 6 – 14 Years

Under this scheme, the children who are from the slum area and not able to continue their education will be sent to school with the government aid. The impact of the scheme will be beneficial for the poor family who are not able to afford with the educational expenses for their children.

Features of the Scheme

  • Children from the slum area who are not financially afforded to continue their school education will be provided proper education from the state government of Jharkhand.
  • With the aid of the social media, government plans to reach this scheme all sorts of people. Anyone can report government about inability of the children to continue their studies in Jharkhand State.
  • In order to make this scheme more effective, government has introduced two mobile numbers (8210904971, 8210899386) in which common people can report or send the details of the children who are in need to proper education.

Common people in the state of Jharkhand can send the photos and other necessary details of the slum children who are in need to finance assistance to continue their school education to then provided two mobile numbers by the government agency. By doing so, the information will be passed to respective authority of the government and proper action will be taken in order to send those children to schools.

Announcement from Jharkhand Educational Minister:

While addressing the details about the scheme , the Jharkhand state educational minister quoted that citizens of Jharkhand can help government and poor children from slum to get this school education by sending the children’s details along with their photos to government officials by texting them via social media (facebook or whatsapp) to the given two mobile numbers.

The state educational minister also added that, the state government is keen on removing the illiteracy rate from the state. Particularly in the slum areas where the state’s high number of poverty people live. By giving proper education to the children of poor people will help them to get rid of the poverty in future.


Experts all over the state highly welcomed the move taken by the Jharkhand state government as it will make better literate society in nearby future. In fact, on considering the fact that providing the proper education to the poor people would be the only option to get rid of the poverty from them, the introduction of Pankh Yojana would offers bright future for the people of Jharkhand.

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