Panchgani Best Tourist Places to Visit

 Panchgani (Paachgani) Best Tourist Places to Visit. It is a true fact that India has been blessed by Mother Nature. From the lofty Himalayan Mountains to the frothy waves of the oceans on all three sides, from the dense lush green forests to the scorching desert sands, there is something that will attract the attention of all tourists. All you need to do is pick your preference and get on with the task of making your bucket list.

One such place, nestled among the hills and plateaus and surrounded on all sides by breathtaking view points is Panchgani. The place is also known by the name Paachgani. It is situated in the beautiful district of Satara. Satara is situated in the state of Maharashtra. The state is located in the western side of India. It is bordered by the Western Coastal Plain on one side and The Deccan Plateau on the other side. To be exact, this place is surrounded on all sided with the five beautiful hills of Sahyādri range. The area is mainly composed of five pretty villages. The names of the villages are Khingar, Amral, Dandeghar, Godwali, & Taighat. Apart from the beauty of the hills, you will also get the chance of admiring the serenity of the River Krishna, on whose bank; the quaint hill station is set.

Panchgani Tourist Places

Geographically speaking, the area is well protected on all sides by the hills and the plateau. The river Krishna has also given ride to the popular dam lake Dhom. This dam is located at a distance of only 9 km from the place called Wai. The hill station is set at an elevation of 1,293 meters above the mean sea level. The total population of the area is 13,280. This record was published according to 2001 census. The official language spoken in the area is none other than Marathi.

History of the Panchgani

Thought this placed existed in India since ages, the credit for discovering the spot and understanding its true potential must be given to the British. They were the people, who understood that Panchgani could be developed into a summer resort for the high placed officers of the British Raj. After the discovery was made, the development and responsibility of looking after the entire area fell on the shoulders of Superintendent John Chesson. This happened in the year 1860. During the time of its discovery, the area did not have a name. After surveying the area properly, Chesson met with Mr Rustomji Dubash. These two decided on the beautiful name Panchgani, due to the presence of the five beautiful villages nearby.

The development of the area was taken up under Chesson. Though the area was already beautiful and had a lush growth of plants, Chesson thought about making it even more charming. He brought several kinds of western trees and planted then in this area. Thanks to the climatic and soil compatibility, the trees found another home, away from their original home. Thus, the area became densely populated with tress species like poinsettia and silver oak. Due to the beauty and the pleasant climate, Panchgani was turned into a summer resort for the British. Not only this, the area had a constant climate all through the year and thus, retired British officers picked the spot for relaxing in the lap of nature.

Most of the development and progress of the rare, during the initial days was made possible by Superintendent John Chesson. He loved the place so much that he never went back to this homeland, London. He loved the place and lived here till he drew his last breath. After he died, the superintendent was buried with all ceremonies in the St. Peter’s Church cemetery. During the celebration of his death centenary, people and school students of the area took part in the celebrations.

Culture of  Panchgani

The warmth of the people and the pleasant weather of the place are very inviting. The local people are welcoming. Here, you will be able to get the flavor of traditional Marathi culture and cuisines. The State Tourism Department also organizes traditional song and dance shows for entertaining the tourists. It also highlights the attraction that the place has to offer in front of international travelers.

Best time to visit in Panchgani

The setting of the area is such that you will be able to enjoy pleasant climate throughout the year. Due to the fact that it is well surrounded by hills and is also in the close vicinity of the Arabian Sea, the area has a maritime climate. The summer temperature hardly ever crosses the 25 degree Celsius. This means that the tourists will not have to worry about the heat. The winter days are also pleasant but the nights are chilly. In the monsoon months, the area receives an average precipitation of 27 inches, in July. Thus, it is obvious that the travelers choose to visit the place throughout the year.

How to reach the Panchgani by road, Train and Flight

To get to this picturesque location, you will have to come to the state of Maharashtra. The closest place to Panchgani is Mumbai. A distance of only 259 km separated the two places. You can come to Mumbai by bus, train or by flight. If you are coming by flight then you will have to take a cab or bus from the Mumbai International Airport. If you are coming by train then you will have to get down at the Mumbai terminal station. From there, you will have to cover the distance by road. There are many direct buses that ply from the bus terminus in Mumbai. If you want to enjoy the road trip in private then opt for a cab.

Price of the tickets

The air-conditioned buses will charge you anything around Rs. 400 to Rs. 550 per seat from the Mumbai Bus Terminus. The train ticket price will depend on the city that you are coming from. But it is supposed to be the cheapest option. The air fare will depend on the airline you choose or the distance you are travelling.

List of Top Tourist Places to Visit in Panchgani

To encounter the boundless abundance of nature, to view scenes that are past depiction, to tread ways were holy messengers do set out; to put it plainly, to expect the slightest startling, visit Panchgani, the land that makes the most of nature’s most customized consideration. It is also known as Mecca of Maharashtra’, it is settled between five slopes in Sahyadri Mountain ranges. Panchgani is a standout amongst the most went to vacationer spots in Maharashtra. Krishna River, coursing through the valleys is a stunning sight to see. It is the ideal goal for nature significant others. The following are some of the most visited spots of the city:

  1. Table Land

If you want to see nature at its best then visiting the Table land is a must. When you reach the top of the flat land, you will be breathless and speechless. It is very hard to describe such beauty and untamed charm of nature. Though the area is set at a whopping height of 4550 above the mean sea level, the flat nature of the area will give you a feeling that you are standing on the Northern flat plains.

The entire area covers approximately 95-acre. When you reach the top, you will get a 360 degree view of the surrounding forest covered hills. The air is fresh and the sight is amazing. There are very few places in the world that will offer you such beauty. This Table Land has been considered one of the biggest elevated flat surfaces in the continent of Asia. Most tourists come to the place to enjoy the view of the valleys. This is one of the perfect places to capture the magical rising or setting sun.

  1. Sydney Point

After Sir John Malcolm, Mumbai (the then Bombay) got a new Governor. This happened in the year 1830. The name of the Governor was Sir Sidney Beckwarth. His tenure was not very long but within this time span, he was able to work towards the development and progress of the area. Thus, his name has been immortalized by naming one of the points of this hill station as Sydney Point. Loaded with picture perfect views, this place atop a hill and one can view the magnificent Krishna River, meandering its way below.

The area has a lush growth of forest and thus, tourists can spend sometime in the lap of nature as well. Apart from the river and the green slopes, it is also considered to be a photographers’ paradise due to the views it offers. So, make sure that you come to the Sydney point when you visit Panchgani.

  1. Kamalgad Fort

There are not many reminiscent of the bygone era in the area. The one that attracts all eyes is the Kamalgad Fort. Due to the lack of the historical records, not much is known about the original inhabitants of this fort. During the reign of the East India Company, the British troops were able to take over the fort. Then they used in inner chambers and dungeons for execution of the prisoners.

If you are looking for artifacts or documents, which will give you a glimpse of the past then you will be discouraged. The dark history and the tales of horror will shroud your mind. Thankfully, the surrounding nature will provide you the respite that you need.

  1. Kate’s Point

Sir John Malcolm had a beautiful daughter. Her name was Kate. There is a particular point in the area that has been named after the beautiful damsel. This place is situated at an elevation of 1290 meters above the mean sea level. Due to this height, the place is often visited by the tourists. Apart from being a great observation point for capturing the rising and the setting sun, there is a mesmerizing waterfall that will capture your attention.

The waterfall is the biggest attraction for national and international tourists. The water running down the sides of the moss covered slopes of the hill is a perfect setting to capture some amazing snaps. The views of the untamed nature will fill your senses and you will not feel like leaving the spot.

  1. Parsi Point

If you are a lover of nature, then Parsi Point is the perfect place for you. This place can be reached while you are traveling towards Panchgani. Just like other high placed points of the area, Parsi Point is also full of natural beauty. The setting of the place is such that you will feel like you have entered a magical kingdom of nature. The area is set amidst the lush greenery. The air is fresh and the ambience is calm. This place will assist you in unwinding and relaxing in the lap of Mother Nature. Coming to the place will energize you and you will be all pepped up for the journey ahead.

  1. Lord Karthikeya Temple

If you want to get in touch with your spiritual side, then the area has a lot of religious places to offer. As the major part of the population in the state follow Hindu religion, most of the temples are dedicated to Hindu gods and goddesses. But the place has a good number of churches as well.

Among the popular Hindu temples, most tourists make it a point to visit the Lord Karthikeya shrine. According to Hindu mythology, Lore Karthikeya was the elder son of Lord Shiva. He was the leader of the God army. During the celebration of the popular local festival Thaipooyam, the temple is visited by thousands of devotees. The entire area comes to life and pops up in vibrant colors.

Apart from evoking spirituality, the natural beauty of the area will also command your attention. The place is frequently visited by photographers. Every frame will give you something different to marvel. If you have a flair for discovering the hidden gems of nature, then visiting the places like Panchgani are a must. The calm and romantic ambience of the area has made it a heaven for newly married couples. The setting is perfect for getting lost in each other’s eyes and starting the journey towards knowing your partner better.

  1. Rajpuri Caves

India is an ancient country and all the places have some connection on another with the mythologies. Panchgani is no different from this. The greatest attraction for the tourists is the Rajpuri Caves. If the stories are to be believed, these caves were inhabited by the Pandavas, when they were cast out from this royal palace. It makes the caves a must visit. The place is not only visited by the tourists but historians and scholars, researching on the epic Mahabharata. Among the other attractions of these caves, the most significant is the shrine of Lord Karthikeya.

  1. Devrai Art Village

If you are an art lover and have a flair for collecting different kinds of handmade thing, then visiting the Devrai Art Village is a must. As the name suggests, this area is the home of some highly skilled artisans. These artists are actually residents of Chhattisgarh and Gadchiroli. Due to the unwelcome activities of the naxalites, these artists were forced to leave their place of origin. The Panchgani area has since then provided them with livelihood and refuge. The place is visited by tourists and they can even purchase the artifacts made by these artists. It will provide them with a lot of encouragement and also develop their economic status.

The entire area is looked after the state authority. The money that the sale of artifacts generates is used entirely for the development of the tribal people living here. When you visit the place, you will be able to take a close look at the lifestyle of the tribal people. This will give you an insight at the traditional dresses they wear, the traditional food they eat. If you are lucky, you might be able to see their traditional song and dance performances.

These tribal people make use of wood, iron, different kinds of fabrics, brass and many other materials to make the products. The demand of these products is in much demand in the market. You can collect some of these and gift it to your friends and family members. These souvenirs will not only enhance the beauty of the homes but will also remind you if your trip to Panchgani forever.

  1. Kaas Plateau

The Kass Plateau is a must visit for the people who want to spend some relaxing time in the lap of nature. This spot has been considered as one of the most beautiful World Heritage Spots of the world by UNESCO. The area of the plateau measures to about 1000 hectares. When you come to this place, you will be welcomed by the engulfing beauty of nature. The place has a number of lakes. You will also get to see an abundant reserve of flora and fauna. If you want to see various kinds of butterflies, then a visit to the Kass Plateau is a must. The area has been associated with adventure sports as well. With the development of tourism and the growing popularity of the spot, the number of tourists has been increasing steadily.

  1. Mapro Garden

Mapro Gardens put in the slope station of Panchgani is a delightful and reviving area in the condition of Maharashtra. It is arranged near Mahabaleshwar, another hypnotizing spot, known for its strawberry deliver. Mahabaleshwar is a well-known vacationer goal where one may taste strawberries alongside other crisp and great organic products. It has the yearly Strawberry Festival, where one may likewise attempt organic product enhanced shots. Mahabaleshwar adds to 85% of the aggregate Strawberry deliver in India and around 80% is expended new!

The Strawberry Festival supports the strawberry development in this belt. The highlights of this celebration are crisp ranch lifted strawberry arranged on tables for guests to eat to their fullest and in addition incidental types of chocolates in various flavors and shapes, alongside social people exhibitions with an edge of convention. Such dance styles are Shivkalin Dhol and Lezim, vivacious dance styles and skilled artists are brought from Pratapgarh to all parts of the country.

Mapro Gardens is an extremely wonderful area to run with family and companions and hang out while one is tuning in to music in the moderate sleep of dew drops falling around and the possess a scent reminiscent of crisp grass as though the inconceivable scope is canvassed in emerald sheet. One may attempt different kinds of squashes ideally of guava, mango, lichi, custard apple, pineapple and numerous increasingly and extinguish their craving.

Other best attractions of the Panchgani

Among the other places, you might check out the following spots:

  Name of the place Description of the place
1      Panchganga Mandir This is one of the popular religious spots and lies at a distance of 18 km from the heart of the city. According to texts, the credit for the construction of the shrine goes to Raja Singhandeo.
2       Mount Malcolm The site was erected in 1829 and it is known for the amazing reserves of natural beauty. The spot is situated only 2 km away from the main city.
3       Venna Lake Another attraction of the area that commands the attention of the tourists is this picturesque spot, with the lake in the middle. This lake was constructed under the orders of Shri Appasaheb Maharaj during 1842.
4       Paragliding Panchgain is also known for being a site for adventure sports. If you have paragliding on your bucket list then this is the place for you.

Taking a trip to Panchgani will not be enough to discover all the hues. You will get a feeling that you belong here. The ambience, its people, the climate and the food, all create a magical feeling that is very hard to resist.

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