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How to Order Reliance Jio SIM Online (Delivery At Home)

How to Order Reliance Jio SIM Online (Delivery At Home)

Earlier we had heard the reports suggestion Reliance Jio might just deliver the SIM cards at home. Now the feature is available. It seems like the makers of Reliance Jio are serious about making the brand a household name. Indeed today you can order Reliance Jio SIM right at your homes and have it delivered to you in no time.

How to Order Reliance Jio SIM Online Delivery At Home

The home delivery at present is only available for selected cities. Very soon it will be available across all cities in the country.

Achievements of Reliance Jio

Ever since Reliance Jio has commenced its services since September, 2016, there has been a lot of buzz around its features. First of all the free of charges internet and voice calling services have given a stiff competition to the rest of the Telecom companies.

In October itself it managed to gather 16 million subscribers and now it has 24 million subscribers and counting. If they start giving SIMs home delivered, this figure is expected to only grow. It is a great pride for the nation that country based Telecom company is the first company to get this many subscribers within first three months. Many others reach this figure only when they are 1 year or older.

Current Services of Jio SIM

So the current services are being delivered at the doorstep only at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Pune at present. Soon it will spread to other states.

Right now Reliance Jio is providing Unlimited 9000 SMS, Unlimited High Speed 4G Data, Unlimited Night Time data between 2AM and 4PM and 4GB of 4G data monthly. This is not all. There are even more services that you can avail with Reliance Jio SIM – like unlimited Voice Calling across all networks.

This is the reason that you may face a long queue when you head to the stores to purchase this. This is why Reliance has brought for you the perfect solution – a home delivery of the SIM card.

Previously this service was being provided by on online company called Aonebiz which eventually started selling Reliance JioFi along with Reliance SIM cards at your doorstep. They were charging Rs. 199 for deals in bulk.

How to Get Jio SIM At Your Doorstep?

  • Go to the reliance Jio official website and fill out your personal details in there. You might be asked your residential address. You have to fill it in.
  • Once the registration is completed, it is up to Reliance Jio to get a customer service executive to get in touch with you. This person will reach at your doorstep and make sure you have the MyJio App installed for the verification. He or she will ensure that the Welcome Offer Code is generated on your phone.
  • Now all you have to do is wait for the verification process to begin. You might need your Aadhar card details for this step. You will also need to put your finger print in on the KYC machine.
  • Now ask the person to generate the Welcome Offer Code for you – which they will do for you. Once it is done, your SIM will b activated within 15 minutes.

To reach the SIM to your doorstep, it will take 5 to 7 days.

But the welcome offer is only 2 months to go

It is true that the Welcome Offer of Free Data, Voice Call and SMS is valid only up to 31st December 2016, but it is speculated that reliance may extend their welcome offer till March 27th 2017 if more customers are signing up for it.

More information

Here are more details that you must know about Reliance Jio –

Serial No. Data Info
1 Reliance Jio SIMs also available in Xpress Mini
2 Reliance Jio Chairman claims to bring 100 million people
3 App you need to get Jio SIM activated MyJio



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