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Online Competition for Overseas Indians

Online Competition for Overseas Indians

On the 20th of October the Election Commission of India launched a competition and an online survey with a purpose of checking the awareness rate among the eligible India voters who live abroad and to encourage them to register themselves as voters.

Online Competition for Overseas Indians

Reason behind this launch

The main reason to launch this campaign was the report that revealed that there are around 11.4 million non-resident Indians in this world but then only 16000 of them are registered as overseas Indian voters. To improve this situation the Election Commission of India has launched an online survey to understand that how much these NRIs know about the voting and registering process. Apart from this the Election Commission of India has also launched an online competition in order to engage the eligible NRI voters.

S.No Things Need to Know about Online Survey Detailed Information
1 This Online Survey Launched by Election Commission of India (ECI)
2 Motive To attract more overseas Indian citizens to Vote
3 Nation’s Voter Day Celebrated on 25th January of 2017
4 ECI joins with whom to conduct this online survey Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)
5 Tag Line of this online survey Every Indian Vote counts

About the online competition and survey

  • This initiative has been launched by the Election Commission in collaboration with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. The official website for this initiative is
  • The campaign has been termed as Every Vote Counts and the online competition will also revolve around this topic. As a part of this competition the NRI participants will have to upload original work like essays, posters, video, short films, songs, etc. on the website.
  • The entries or work that wins the competition will get an opportunity for free round trip to India and will also be honored by the Election Commission on the 25th January which is the National Voters Day.

Change in the last date of submission

The online survey is supposed to run in the month of November and December and the online competition was supposed to end in the month of November. But on 29th November it was announced that keeping in mind the interest that the NRIs have shown in this competition the date for submitting the entries has been extended and now the last date for submission is 31st December 2016. The Election Commission has said that the participation rate has been increasing day by day so in order to let more entries to come in the Commission has decided to extend the date of submitting the entries for the competition.

Who can participate in this Online competition Overseas Indian Citizens
What the winners can get? Get a round trip to India and be honored on National Voters’ Day
Estimated Number of eligible Indian voters in overseas 11.4 Million
Number of registrations completed behalf of abroad voters with ECI About 16,000
When did this online survey and competition started? 20th October 2016
Last date of submission has been extended to 31st of December 2016
Official Website for this online survey and competition

The Election Commission, in all means is trying to make all the eligible voters of the country to vote. Along with the campaigns to make all the Indian who are the residents of the country to vote the Election Commission is now focusing on the Overseas Indian Citizens. It understands that expecting people to be physically present for voting at their local polling booth on the voting date is not feasible so with this survey the Election Commission wants to knows about the NRI’s preferable voting methods for the NRIs and then convey it to the Parliament for implementation.


The introduction of such online survey competition among the overseas Indian would encourage them to take participate in voting during the elections periods. Also it will help them to shine with the skills via in this kind of competitions.

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