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Ola ‘Share Express’ to Reduce Costs on Busiest Routes by 30%

Ola ‘Share Express’ to Reduce Costs on Busiest Routes by 30%

Ola is one of the India’s foremost app cab service which provide fast and affordable taxis has decided to put another feather to its hat by launching the Share Express service in some of the major cities. The Ola Share service was launched back in the year 2015 which introduced one of the best cab shuttling experience to the Indians. It was welcome by the passengers as it helped cutting the taxi fares by up to 50 per cent by sharing the taxi among other Ola share passengers. However, the discounts on the fares depend on the basis of cab availability and rush hours. This new announcement by Ola will help reduce the sharing fares even more.

Ola ‘Share Express’ to Reduce Costs on Busiest Routes by 30%

Silent features of the Ola Share Express

This new feature will rolled out soon in some of the selected cities of India in the first phase, and will be launched in other cities also. In the first phase, five such cities i.e. Jaipur, Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai and NCR regions will be covered. The busiest routes in those selected cities which have the maximum no. of bookings every day will have this express sharing feature of Ola. Near about 100 travel routes will have this facility where the passengers will be able to get additional discount of 30 per cent.

Advantages of Ola share express

The Share Express is targeted only for the top busiest routes in the cities where this new service will be introduced by Ola. The passengers in these routes will cut the fares by around 30 per cent and resulting more affordability to the customers and increased bookings.  Another major advantage of this service is that this will help in decongesting those travel routes which are considered busiest and used by maximum. The college going students and the office going passengers will be benefited by this new introduction of Ola services. Generally, a trip from India Gate to ITO generally costs around Rs. 50 – Rs. 60. As this is a very busy route in Delhi, by Share Express, the fare might reduce to Rs. 30 – Rs. 35. The Ola drivers running under this service will also be able to maximize the number of trips made per day as there will be no deviations and the routes will be fixed.

How to make bookings in Ole Share Express?

Below are some of the steps which will elaborate how to book Ola taxis in Share Express:

  • The passenger needs to open the Ola application and select the ‘Ola Share’ icon. There will be no extra icons appearing for this service.
  • Select the pick-up location. Passenger should turn on the GPS settings of the phone.
  • Select the destination of your journey. Always the route selected should be a busy one so that added discounts on share prices can be received.
  • The passenger can select the no. of seats he/she wants to book. A maximum of 2 seats can be booked under the service.
  • Reach the destination and make the payment. Fare payment can be done either by Ola Money which is a wallet service of Ola itself, or conventional credit cards, debit cards and net banking.

Competing with Uber Pool services

The tough competitor of Ola cabs in India is Uber which is also similarly popular and widely used app based cabs across the country. Uber has its shuttling service named Uber Pool which is very popular among commuters as the algorithms used to determine the final fare is very consumer friendly. It will be interesting to see how Uber responses on this Ola’s new introduction.

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