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Ola Micro Vs Ola Mini Vs Ola Share Vs Ola Prime Vs Ola Lux

Ola Micro Vs Ola Mini Vs Ola Share Vs Ola Prime Vs Ola Lux

Not only in times of customs and people, but also many is, other things, India a land of diversities, including mobile internet. There is internet connectivity in every smartphone and also users take benefit from it. In some cases, users faced problem while connecting to the server through smartphone due to network problem when you are travelling.

Ola Micro Vs Ola Mini Vs Ola Share Vs Ola Prime Vs Ola Lux

Ola – A  handy App to Have in Smart Phones

If you want to book a cab urgently and you don’t have internet connection, how will you do it?

Now Ola app comes solving this situation, which is India’s leading cab aggregator app. By this app, Ola users can book their cab. Across all cab categories, this feature will be available, including Micro, Mini, Prime and Lux.

Now the citizens of metro area can avail benefit of this app and very soon it will be opened in other cities.

S.No All you need to know about Ola CAB Detailed Information
1 The Founders of Ola Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati (Both IITians)
2 Estimated Amount Raised by Ola CAB $1.3 billion (Rs 8,600 crore)
3 Ola’ achievement The third-most valuable venture-backed company
4 The Year in which OLA launched 2011, in mumbai
5 Total number Cities ola currently functions 102 cities in India
6 Cars owned under Ola Network Around 3,50,000

Difference between Ola Micro Vs Ola Mini Vs Ola Share Vs Ola Prime Vs Ola Lux

Category Base Fare Distance Fare Ride Time Fare Cancellation Fee
Micro Rs.40 Rs. 6 Upto 15 km and Rs.12 thereafter Rs. 1 per min Rs. 25
Mini Rs. 80 for first 4 km Rs. 10 per km Rs. 1 per min Rs. 50
Prime*(Prices varies depending upon the cars) Rs.80 for first 4 km Rs. 13 – Rs.15 per km Rs. 1 per min Rs.75 to Rs.100
Lux Rs. 250 Rs. 22 per km Rs. 3 per min N/A
Share N/A N/A N/A Rs. 25
  • Ola Micro: We always here, in small packages, good things come. That’s exactly what Ola Micro is –at micro costs of just Rs. 6/Km, the latest service that offers small and compact cars! Top quality vehicles are audited for convenience, cleanliness and security. The drivers are well qualified and efficient.
  • Ola Mini: The new service will provide you with the same fare as as auto rickshaws, that is, Rs 10 per km but with a base price of Rs 100 for the first six kms, making it the lowest cost AC cab service available in the town. Under the Ola Mini service, it can provide AC lightweight vehicles like Tata Indica, Windows vista and Honda Figo. Clients can book the taxis online by contacting Ola’s customer number or through the Ola mobile app.
  • Ola Share: With OLA Share App, only for yourself, you can make a boooking. If you make an OLA share booking, only you can take a ride – you cannot have someone companions with you as you will already have co-passengers who have reserved that drive using the app. Your OLA Share trips will always be cost on a pre-decided amount.
  • Ola Prime: Excellent vehicles, premier service, free of cost wi-fi, currently; Prime is available to limited cities. Prime provides an excellent business class experience to our critical customers. Every part of the skill has been taken care of to make sure that once in an Ola Prime; customers get a taste of unrivaled high quality of the drive.
  • Ola Lux: Right Now Ola Lux is limited to South Mumbai, In regards to cost, Ola Lux cost is set for a base price of Rs 200, Rs 22 per/km and drive time charge of Rs 3 per minute. Ola Lux will consist of functions such as information about the driver, SOS buttons; live monitoring, Ola Money and Auto-Connect Wi-Fi. With the ‘Auto-Connect Wi-Fi’ service, customers can get connected to the Wi-Fi on the go without coming into any qualifications.

Ankit Bhati, CTO & Co-Founder, Ola said at the release of this selection, “As the country brings in the digital trend with tasks such as Smart Cities and Digital India, the way customers experience technology is modifying”.

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