Nukkad (Old Doordarshan TV serial)

Nukkad (Old Doordarshan TV serial)

Nukkad is a name of an old television serial which aired on the Indian TV channel DD National in the later years of 1980s. The main story of this serial was written by Prabodh Joshi and it was the most popular drama on this Indian television channel.

Nukkad (Old Doordarshan TV serial)

There are totally three directors for this serial. Aziz Mirza directed 1 episode of this serial in 1987 and similarly Kundan Shah directed 1 episode of this famous Nukkad Hindi serial in 1987. From the beginning of this serial in 1986 to 87, Saeed Akhtar Mirza directed totally 8 episodes.

Nukkad television series was first aired in the year 1986 on the DD National channel and the final telecast was in the year 1988.


This Nukkad old television serial actually showed the struggles of the lower income labors living in the cities. It clearly depicted the difficulties of the urban youths who are all trying to live in the increasingly harsh economic and social situations in mid 80s. These characters were usually meeting in the corner of the street Nukkad every evening where they used to share their feelings, emotions, and everything about their day to day life with each other.

With the emotional part, social message, practical acting of the casts, and telling importance of money along with the slight comedy parts, this serial was giving the most enjoyable time to the watchers. Still, everyone would like to enjoy this entertaining and fun filled classic DD National television serial.

Specialties of Nukkad TV Serial:

The classic DD National television serial is the ever favorite drama of many fans and it got a huge success and popularity among thousands of fans throughout the India. It is the first season of the Nukkad serial which deals with the different problems of the lower middle class people living in the metro cities in the middle years of 80s. in the acting wise, two people were heavily impressed a lot of fans and they are Sameer Khakkar as Khopadi and Dilip  Dhawan as Guru.

The characters of these two persons had got a maximum reach among several numbers of the television watchers. Guru has a very good characterization in this drama and he is like the super hero who turned into the dark knight for Nukkad. Overall, Nukkad Hindi television serial has the cult status among the audience but still it is the best serial than so many dramas current aired on the DD National. In the year 1988, the Nukkad serial came to an end with the assurance of starting the next season. Even though the second season of the Nukkad which is Naya Nukkad aired on the same DD National in the years 1993 to 1994, the audiences still love and remember the Nukkad only.

Episodes and their Names:

This Nukkad Hindi serial was first aired on the DD National channel in the 1986. There are 35 episodes, below listed are the names of each and every episodes of Nukkad Serial

  • 1st episode – Happy Diwali
  • 2nd episode – Love story
  • 3rd episode – Politician arrives
  • 4th episode – Amitabh Batchan’s photo
  • 5th episode – Strictly cash no credit
  • 6th episode – Theft at Nukkad
  • 7th episode – Cricket Match
  • 8th episode – Merry Christmas
  • 9th episode – Parents arrived
  • 10th episode – Problem of the cop
  • 11th episode – Who threw tin on road
  • 12th episode – Thief runs away
  • 13th episode – Model at saree shop
  • 14th episode – A cup of tea
  • 15th episode – Inter cast marriage
  • 16th episode – NRI comes
  • 17th episode – Need a positive change
  • 18th episode – Mystery woman
  • 19th episode – Drama competition
  • 20th episode – Mental professor
  • 21st episode – Begging as a spiritual profession
  • 22nd episode – A lottery ticket
  • 23rd episode – Hair wig
  • 24th episode – Missing
  • 25th episode – Tambi’s ambition
  • 26th episode – Ganpat wants a promotion
  • 27th episode – The tale of the television
  • 28th episode – Hari accepts the challenge
  • 29th episode – A new born pup
  • 30th episode – Madari
  • 31st episode – Life after death
  • 32nd episode – Stranger
  • 33rd episode – New Construction Plan
  • 34th episode – Flight at street corner
  • 35th episode – One sided love

In the year 1988, there were 5 more episodes in this Nukkad serial telecasted names of those relevant episodes are listed below.

  • 36th episode – Election campaign
  • 37th episode – Who will win a cricket match
  • 38th episode – Entertaining cricket match
  • 39th episode – Nightmare scares cop
  • 40th episode – Ending
Important Details Of Nukkad TV Serial
Name Of The ShowNukkad
SubjectComedy | Drama
Banner (Production House)NA
DirectorKundan Shah & Saeed Akhtar Mirza
CreatorPrabodh Joshi
ProducerKundan Shah for 2 episodes in 1987 and Saeed Akhtar Mirza for 1 episode in 1987.
Story WriterPrabodh Joshi
Dialogue Written ByNA
Official Site AddressNA
Telecast Details
Telecast Date11 Jan 1986 to 1988
Aired OnDD National
Telecast Episodes40
Episode LengthApproximately 24 minutes
Telecast Season No.Season 1
Cast Details
Character NameReal Name
GuruDilip Dhawan
RadhaSangeeta Naik
MariaRama Vij
Kadar BhaiAvtar Gill
HariPavan Malhotra

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