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Noorjahan (OLD Doordarshan TV Serial)

Noorjahan (OLD Doordarshan TV Serial)

Noorjahan is the most prominent Indian fiction which is hit on the screen a long time back. Of course, it is considered as the best masterpiece serial across the channels.  There are so many television series that portray the life of the famous Kings and the Noorjahan has come up with the unique concept. Yes, this story Noorjahan is fully based on the life Mughal Queen Noorjahan. She was the twentieth, of course most adored and imperative life partner of the Mugahal emperor Jahangir.

Noorjahan (OLD Doordarshan TV Serial)

As this show is based on the fiction, most of the people at that time like to enjoy this tale.  In fact, this Noorjahan was one of the most interesting and favourite shows that had made its audients hooked it.  Furthermore, the amazing performance of the actors and actresses, clean script and the excellent dialogues and everything was perfect to enjoy by the people.

Main theme of the story

This show Noorjahan was a romantic tale of Mehurnnisa” and “Salim” who are displayed as the fiction based on the novel “Noorjahan”. This novel was written by Jyothi Jaffa.  The story line of this serial developed around Noorjahan, who ruled India for over 15 years with an iron hand and though, her husband Jahangir was the King of India.  In fact, it was Noorjahan who had uncontrolled control over the wheel of the rule from 1611 to 1627. Apart from her historic importance, Noorjahan’s famed beauty has enchanted for centuries.

This show based on the fiction, Emperor Jahangir, who is also called as Salim never became successful, if Noorjahan was not come into his life, because Jahangir was not active minded and had many bad habits. Though, Noorjahan was not belonged to the King’s family, she came from the most educated and wise family. Father of Noorjahan was the main officer in the great Army force of General Akbar.

Salim fall in love with Noorjahan by watching her one glance and so he started to try for getting her attention. So, he made her friend to know that he got totally mad for her beauty and purity of heart.  . But, she rejected him for his bad habits and later she understood his love.

Later, Noor married Quli Khan by his dad’s choice, but she loves Jahangir. When noor accepted her husband, Quli Khan was died. Then, Jahangir again propose his love to Noorjahan and she accepted to marry him. After her marriage with Jahangir, he became the strongest ruler in the Mughal Kingdom. In fact, Noorjahan’s involvement in the politics made him get the valuable name in the kingdom.

As the way, Noorjahan played the significant role in Emperor Jahangir’s life.  Of course, she was the first true love of him too. This is the story of Noorjahan fiction and this story was perfectly shot in the TV series “Noorjahan”.

About the series shoot

This Noorjahan series was shot in the places like Srinagar and Gulmar. In fact, the title song of this series was getting extreme attention among the people. The love duets of this series were sung by Talat Aziz and Jaspinder Narula got increased popularity in the industry. They had received a lot of appreciation for their work in this Noorjahan series.

Initially, this series was aired on Doordarshan channel on every Wednesday 9.30 .pm. In 2000, the timings of this series were changed to every Thursday at 9.30 pm. Apart from the above mentioned actors; some other actors had played their role in this series in the best manner. Particularly, Gauri Pradhan, who had played the main role in this series as Noorjahan was model turned actress. After casting in this series, she got more famous in the cine industry. Then, she also participated in the reality shows too.  Anyway, this Noorjahan is the masterpiece work of the Cinevistaas in the Indian television industry. And it attracts lot of people and own strong fan base across the nation,

Important Details Of Noorjahan Show
Name Of The Show Noorjahan
Country India
Language Hindi
Subject Historic-Romantic
Banner (Production House) Cinevistaas
Director Imtiaz Khan
Creator Novel “Noorjahan”
Producer Prem Krishan
Story Writer Jyoti Jaffa
Dialogue Written By NA
Official Site Address NA
Telecast Details
Telecast Date 1999
Aired On Doordarshan’s DD National (DD1)
Telecast Episodes 104
Episode Length 24 minutes
Telecast Season No. 1
Cast Details
Character Name Real Name
Noorjahan or Mehrunnisa Gauri Pradhan
Salim or Jahangir Milind Soman
Maan Bai Krutika Desai
Kashmiri poet Yusuf Chak Salil Ankola
Sher-e-Afghan Puneet Issar
Habba Khatoon Mrinal Kulkarni
Mehrunissa’s father Parikshit Sahni

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