Monday , August 20 2018

Non pixel smartphones may soon get Google assistance

        Non pixel smartphones may soon get Google assistance

Google have come up with some better and exciting features to match the pixel devices with better facilities by implementing updates of latest android nougat. The company through such implementation has made the users to realize that they are going to have the updated services in the pixel devices and also for some others.

Non pixel smartphones may soon get Google assistance

As per the Google Police it is observed that the people who are newly joining the beta testing application of Google have already received the ‘Alpha’ updates and with such updates they are able to prompt the assistance from Google in their phones. For the first time the non pixel devices are assisted by the Google through the v6.13 updates.

About the application

The application is in beta version therefore one can expect it to behave in an unstable manner. This usability may lead to forceful app closer, battery drainage and unnecessary blocking of spaces. But the advantages that one can expect are through the assistance of Google other than the pixel devices.

If you get the Update then there will be a prompt with “New! You just got the Google Assistant. You’ll still be able to get instant information about what’s currently on your screen, plus more.” If it does not come up with such then tap on the middle so that you get prompt.

There is still no confirmation that is associated with Google but it is the tests that are being conducted over the non pixel devices. It is expected that the panel would soon be introduced within a couple of month. Therefore it is the time during Google is going hard into the features of Smartphone and it regardless of OS version.


The latest introduction has also allowed an individual to look for the history that an individual has already searched. Using the android smartphones you can also make the payment on a quicker basis using the facilities that the Google assistant has for its users. It has also offered better assistance with the help of offline mode and thereby you can easily have a search even if don’t use the internet connections.

There are also lite modes which can be very useful for the country like India. The use of such mode will compress the websites and that will help the users by consuming less data and thereby one can use it in a better way with better data management. You can also use the on or off button from the setting menu within the Google applications.

The implementations of such facilities is helping an individual to use all the necessary things like making payments, booking tickets for cabs and flights, reply to messages etc by using the Google assisted applications and that too with low internet charges.


Therefore the overall implementation has made the uses of smartphones and Google in more numbers. It has been used in all smartphones that are running on Nougat. The company is very loyal and is constantly trying their best to serve the best for the users.

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